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Alyssa Burgess
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Alyssa Burgess is unknown and forgotten
Alyssa Burgess

Name: Alyssa Burgess (Aly)
Race: Human
Age: 27
Hair Color: Bright red (dyed with henna from brunette)
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'4
Appearance: A natural mover, Alyssa has the athletic build of a dancer. She works hard on her physique and loves showing it off. She is extremely confident in her own skin, which works out well in her career.

Skills: Level 1 Blades (Knives)
Experience Points:
Major Possessions:
1 Plain Knife (kept in her boot)
1 Memento Mori necklace made from her mother's hair (Family Heirloom)
1 Visa
Job: Prostitute at a tavern in the Gut

-Born into the family business the Gut in PA
-Started working at the same tavern as her mom when she was 16.
-Mother died when she was 18, a trick didn't think he had to pay for her services
-Moved to another tavern in the Gut because of "creative differences" with her current employer at age 22.
-blahblahblah random stuff that will be filled in later.
-Is now 27 and spends her time turning tricks, drinking, and gambling with the people who come into the pub.

This'll definitely get fleshed out more once I RP some.

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