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Scroll [Game Mechanic] Meister Draft I

Title: Meister
Pronounced: MAE-STUR
Description: Meister's are record keepers that provide knowledge to future traveler's, other meister's, and those needing a history of past events.
Job Description: As a meister, that individual or NPC is responsible for maintaining accurate records even when that meister goes to the bathroom. This meister is responsible for checking past records for accuracy as well as current records. When assigned to a city, the meister is to keep records of all events no matter how small or how large. These events define our world and lead us into a better future.
Meister Council: Meister council is made up of 7 meisters, one being Archmeister that oversees the training of new meisters and head of the council. The rest of the council is 6 meisters with seniority to that less than or equal to that of the Archmeister.
Record Keeping: The entirety of past records are kept at the Grand Hall of Records in Aelyria Prime. Current records are only sent to the Grand Hall of Records in the event that a large event has taken place or the meister for a city has filled a journal and must start a new journal so as to not misplace the completed journal.
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Let's start with one thing. This is not a game mechanic. Experience points are a game mechanic, how the gods' favours are handled from an ooc perspective can be considered a game mechanic. This is lore, or an in character faction of some sort.

Second! This is fine in a vacuum, but Aelyria is not a vacuum. There are already record keeping institutions within the empire, how does this relate to them? Is this part of the imperial government? Are they some kind of religious cult? What is their motive for doing this? Who is paying them? How do they interact with the others keeping records, such as Aediles?
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