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Ancient Aelyrians - Aelyria calls for Duology in the last part, racial abilities strengths and weaknesses. I need to know what is wrong with this write up so I can offer a possible answer essay. As it is I personally believe this is fine. I play an Ancient Aelyrian and I can deal with this. This is where the original thread was:


Ancients are blessed with great gifts and remarkable abilities, but they are also cursed with terrible maladies.

Gifted with endless life, Ancients do not die of old age and can endure forever. However, their physical appearance - and manifested age - is volatile and reflects their spiritual and emotional health. While most Ancients who attempt tranquil lives appear youthful, flawless, and radiant; those who are active and stressed often appear aged with wrinkles, imperfections, and even haggard deformities. It is believed that Ancients who consistently push the limits of their emotional boundaries can expire, or cease to exist, their essence being absorbed into the chaos of the cosmos.


While they can speak as the other races do, the Ancient Aelyrians can communicate telepathically using a series of emotions and visions; indeed, their native language is highly advanced and intricately complex and extremely difficult for other telepaths or magic-users with mystic capabilities to comprehend. Ancients are often frustrated with verbal speech (though they are gifted at language, and when they do speak, they do so in voices ranging from the harmoniously melodic to the ethereally crystalline), and so it is their natural impulse to attempt to implant the images or emotions of that which they wish to communicate. This often results in a torturous experience for themselves, their minds locked in agony, while the non-Ancient recipient of these messages is often left bewildered or confused.


The Ancients are bound to the world through a potent astral attunement, inherent in their spirits; through this, they are able to sense the strands of chaos and disorder that are woven throughout the multiverse. They suffer a near-psychotic obsesssion with this entropy which in turn becomes a principal preoccupation on their part. In return, they have a sharpened empathic capacity to sense the feelings of others - those who are nearest to them, and even those who are thousands of miles away. Though each Ancient experiences chaos and disorder differently, when it is perceived, it often compels them into bouts of irrational passion, terrible tempers, and great emotional discord.


It is said that the god Ioannes created the Ancients in His image, and in His image they were manifested; yet, this image is flawed and tragic, an imperfect approximation of an incommunicable absolute divinity. This has resulted in an essential reliance upon order to survive, for without order their spirit cannot be nourished. The farther away the Ancient Aelyrians are from their sacred Throneworld and its beacons, the more imperfect they become: they are prone to terrible visions, horrible nightmares, and powerful incapacitations that greatly weaken and stun them as they perceive in excess the discord inherent in the world. This psychopathic desperation for imposing order comes at great risk to themselves, for through extended and heightened imperfection, Ancients can lose their souls and free will.


The overwhelming desire to impose order stems from an inherent and excessive over-reliance on their emotions to function. Far from the stoic emotionless thinkers that history has portrayed them as being, the Ancients are prone to bouts of great anger, tremendous love, and terrible jealousy. Overwhelmed with emotional passions that interfere with their decision-making, their imperfections have manifested as this singular touch of chaos at their very core. As a consequence, the Ancients have difficulty restraining themselves, and they tend to be impulsive rather than decisive.


Addicted to magic, Ancient Aelyrians are fluent in the Arcane Arts in ways that non-Ancients cannot comprehend. Ancients thus practice only Ancient magic, enabling them to create magical spells on-the-fly using energies from multiple essences, combining them without the need for relics. They use magic for everything from trivial tasks to major undertakings. Yet, this great power comes at a terrible cost. Without their magic, they are physically frail and weak; many of their physical powers stem largely from their advanced magical spells and enchantments. Yet, the more they use their great magical powers, the more likely it is that they will lose their grip on sanity and succumb to oblivion. When this happens, an Ancient loses their natural form and becomes a demonic creature, immolated in a sea of passions, in colors of violence; sometimes irreversible, these uncontrollable denizens, known as Cyraxians, have almost none of the gifts that Ancients possess but only great physical prowess. Yet in this form, Ancients are susceptible to spontaneous dissolution, or outright slaughter, due to their submission to recklessness.

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