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[Ziel Aerca] Sinners' Sanctum


Nestled among Malian Kame's newer shops and colorful market stalls is a long two story building, similar in appearance to a warehouse. A fresh coating of paint brightly advertised the location as the Sinner's Sanctum. The entrance, with its vaulted ceiling and spacious area, is well-decorated and all who enter are immediately greeted with a smile by Vivian, who runs the front desk. Two hallways lead out of the entrance area, one to the left and the other to the right.

To the right lies a vast parlor, outfitted with a bar stocked with refreshments as well as recreational drugs available for the sampling pleasure of prospective clients. Here, they can relax and go through the ledgers displaying the available products for sale, looking for those who might suit their particular needs. Once a decision has been made or, failing that, a client decides that personally seeing the wares in question is needed to decide, they are led up to the second floor. The visible part serves as a showroom, where slaves are prepared to show themselves off to clients in question. The rest of the floor, invisible to the public eye, was used for storage and... disciplinary action.

To the left lies an area for employees only, serving as the location for dropping off fresh stock or sending them off to parts unknown. Here, slaves can be directly moved to the second floor where they are trained, disciplined, and fashioned into fine servants for any who wish to buy them. If they have the crowns, of course.

Secrets :


Race: Human
Age: Young
Appearance and Personality: Vivian is an attractive woman with blond hair who often dresses in elegant black attire. Her attire often accentuates her features, offering a bit more voluptuous nature to her curves. She often wears her hair in curls, in a style that resembles the latest fashion in the city. Her skin is pale, almost a powered color in hue. She often speaks with a flirtatious tone and a slightly worn Medonian accent. Despite her elegant appearance, she hides a carnal, depraved side.
Skills: N/A

Barclay and Barringer
Race: Human
Age: Early Mid Life
Appearance and Personality: Barclay and Barringer are comrades in arms who are almost always by one another. They act as go betweens and enforcers when needed though they are very different in approach. Barclay is often well dressed with a top hat and a small walking stick. Barringer dresses in simple clothing and often carries nothing other then his fists. They rarely talk and if they do Barclay almost always does most of the talking. His accent marks him as a one time resident of Vortex.
Skills: Basic Brawling

Race: Half Vyssie
Age: Young
Appearance and Personality: William is a by product of a Hon'elgg dalliance in Prime. He is dressed in simple blacks and browns and often times does not leave the second story of the warehouse during his main hours. He acts as a slave manager of sorts, and is a gruff and rude individual. Having dealt with slaves before William knows how to stretch, prick, and pin the merchandise to make sure it looks pleasing to customers. A few folds of cloth does wonders.
Skills: Basic Knowledge (Slavery)

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