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[Ziel Aerca] The Wash and Blow


Located within Ziel Aerca's Central District, the Wash and Blow is a bath house that blends in nicely with the rest of the buildings around it. It is, ostensibly, a facility that is used by anybody who wishes for a rather luxurious bathing session or just have a nice long soak. On the other hand, it is entirely possible to purchase a companion to "bathe" with you during that time as well.

Walking in through the entrance leads one to the welcoming area with very clean marble floors, where a katta of the calicori variety sits at the front desk, waiting to serve any prospective customers. A large list is on the wall behind her that details prices as well as which companions are currently available. The baths themselves are through a door just next to the list, leading customers to a hallway. All along the right and left sides are private alcoves, consisting of a small space where clothes and belongings can be placed and the actual bathing portion beyond.

The List
Secrets :

Small Alcove (2-3 people max)
Medium Alcove (~6 people max)
Large Alcove (~12 people max)

An alcove can be reserved as "private", such that nobody else may enter, or "open," so that others may ask for your alcove as well~.

Companions - Price correlates with skill and "open-mindedness" of companion.

Kiorsi: The Calicori katta who staffs the front desk. Technically she doesn't serve as a companion due to the proprietor of the business finding her skills... rather lacking, but she is fully available for anybody who might be interested. 5 crowns per half-hour.

Minxiat: Kiorsi's twin sister. Like her sister, the proprietor found her skills rather lacking in the requisite departments, and as such Minxiat officially serves as the attendant for the Wash and Blow. However, she is more than willing to entertain any customers who might be interested. 5 crowns per half-hour.

Sabrina: With her well-toned and well-endowed Vagaran body, she is a bit conservative in regards to what she is willing to do but exceptional at what she does. With her great endurance and her pleasurable skills, any session with her is guaranteed to be a quality experience. 20 crowns per half-hour.

Lucian: A tall, muscular man of the desert. This Nairu has incredible stamina and a very fit body, but despite his appearance is a rather passive person. Very open to experimentation, and a strange fondness of, ahem, the back door. 15 crowns per half-hour.

Bryn: A homosexual dorin, although he's willing to entertain any women who are willing to pay. Large in size in both aspects, and rather rough when it comes down to it. 10 crowns per half-hour.

Beitris: A small bundle of frenetic energy, this halfling is extremely openly-minded and willing to try anything. Small and cute, but her size might lead to a few difficulties. 10 crowns per half-hour.

Yardenna: Rather lacking in firmness, stamina, or beauty. But her old age brings with it the experience and skill that can only come from a lifetime of activity in this line of business. Quite willing to do anything due to an amazing lack of shame. Also very cheap. 8 crowns per half-hour.

Missy Fist: Fists! Somewhat plain otherwise, though.

Sliucha: If the owner is in, then of course she's interested in helping out anybody who wants a more interesting bathing session. Price varies, but mostly on how much she enjoys the ensuing session - it's entirely possible that a customer might get it for free if they're good enough!


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