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Well then. It irritated Shiro Shimizu more than he cared to admit that the slaves around him were, for all appearances, dead. It shouldn’t have mattered, really; they weren’t foes nor friends, and he had no desire to pay them any heed. But still he felt that odd twist in the pit of his stomach, like somehow he was remorseful and disappointed that their hearts no longer beat and their blood was now stick and quickly turning rancid. It didn’t make any sense, and he didn’t like it.

So, instead, he frowned. Slowly he stood upright, surveying the damage that he and the rest had all wreaked. He glanced up at the blinking lights, translating their sight to the reality that this would all soon be gone and their mission, as poorly thought out and enacted as it was, would soon be at an end. He was glad for that. One more glance was cast over his shoulder at the dead slaves, and he found himself even more relieved that it would soon all be over.

But then he picked up the sounds of another Xet, wounded and limping as it was, trying to make its slow way toward him. Idiot. The dead should have learned to stay dead.

The boy started moving, and quickly, his gaze picking up the creature’s wounds and measuring just how deeply they all went. The sword was soon back in his hand as he sprinted forward, moving it up and then slicing it quickly downward to cut away at whatever tendon and flesh remained to hold the creature’s wounded leg to its torso. He flung himself forward behind the swing too, intending to use his momentum to both empower it as well as to push the Xet backward and off-balance so that with one more sword release and another swing, the blade could dig further into the Xet’s wounded eye and draw the wound even deeper into the more sensitive flesh of whatever small brain might exist behind.
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