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Fantastic. So maybe that stupid-looking elf wasn’t totally useless after all.

Shiro was breathing heavily, his exertions having taxed him far more than he would have anticipated. A rough hand ran across his greasy, sweat-lined face and tossed back a thick portion of white hair from his eyes. The broken walls gave him some look into the interior rooms of the base which, up until this point, he had ignored as uninteresting. Now, though, he finally had a chance to register what they were.

Slaves—the lot of them, by the look of confusion that was on face after face after face and the lack of chitin or other hardened, insect-like coating on their softer human-like skin. What were they—eastern people? Arakmatian? He couldn’t tell, and really also, didn’t care. If they didn’t pose a threat, then he didn’t care.

There were still some Xet to take care of to be done and get out of the building, after all. And it wasn’t like that stupid elf or the fat loudmouth was exactly helping with that.
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