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The crowd didn't readily snap into focus. It was as if thr majority of the crowd had only been seen in peripheral vision. The sounds however were more focussed particularly around Karis and the other Kitrye'veresi members. Kalannar had definitely paid attention to his family.

Never the less he didn't have the opportunity to show he was listening as his opponent made a desperate two handed lunge with his long sword in a diagonal strike toward Kalannar. Wielding twin blades he couldn't simply parry as thr force of the blow would breakthrough that. He couldn't easily dodge because the diagonal arc of the blow limited these choices.

He would need a combination response. Using his main weapon to deflect the strike he sought only to buy a few inches of room so he could purchase some of the momentum from the strike into his dodge.

This time with Rilfest's lunge Kalannar sought to use his right leg to trip his opponent with his own sowed and force knowing that his upper body would follow forwards with the blow he sought to deliver as the lower body lunged forwards. With the pummel of his shorter offhad weapon he applied force to the shoulder further seeking to tip the centre of gravity with the blow.

Should Rilfest flounder and fall Kalannar would then trap his opponent under his weight. The combination of flesh and armour was sure to limit Rilfest's ability to maneuvre. He would then press the shortsword to Rilfest's neck and, although karis could not hear, would speak

"It is over, concede, train again and fight" Kalannar offered "Sidhpeace"

Rilfest was in such a position that if he so chose he could force Kalannar's blade into his neck with a quick necksnap ending the fight with a victory. Karis was in the stands trying to decide if this memory matched reality ir if it had been misrememberedchoose whether ir not Karis considers this how it ought to have happened or if she thinks it needs to go differebtly using the opportunities in the scene at her discretion to alter the event or altered by Kalannar's own psyche
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