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We've had this conversation in chat before re: Air'riela.

My response then was no. I suppose I can amend that to a tentative "if you can produce a reasonable write-up." What I absolutely refuse to allow at all is a huge honking write-up. A brief description about the Air'riela I'll allow - they have this general appearance, this is what they do and where they're found and a brief glimpse at their cultural flare.

Absolutely under no circumstances (as I've told you before) are there going to be mentions about mysterious gypsy powers that they definitely have (because now they don't). I mean you can say that they're rumored to hold powers (but they don't actually have them).

So. REALLY SUPER BRIEF WRITE-UP. If you can't do that, then no. The chat convo we had about NO will hold.
That's it.
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