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Not just a good idea...
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Name-dropping Faust would most definitely not go into deaf ears: "Well, the Lord Baron himself is claiming this land as well?" The female dracon hissed lightly in annoyance: "That's unexpected. Sir Elodes will not be too pleased..." The tracker looked over his leader, and then to the exposed members of Faust's party: "Not all that much we can do, really. We've already got paid, Kh'adeesi, so let's drop it: we won't get anything fighting them either." The leader raised her hand to silence Sshadek, then addressed Martellus: "I'm not about to go back empty handed, so maybe we can find a compromise. Sir Riben is interested in recovering this farmland to its former state, recovering his investment through trading the produce that this soil can still grow." The other two dracons had moved in closer to Kh'adeesi, and relaxed their guard, while she continued her dialogue nonchalantly. "We'd be interested to know your plans for this land and then we would communicate with our employer to see if a compromise can be sorted out."
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