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"I knew it," Marty hissed. An odd case where he was not happy to see a group of scalebrothers.

Of course he'd tell them about the approaching Dracons. He was a loyal little scaly. "There's a bunch of Dracons inbound. Diantar, they are flying in. Quite a distance away but they're steadily approaching." He looked from Tarin to Diamea, to linger on Rhystlin. "They are going to know I'm here, but you lot still have the chance to hide out of sight. I don't know if they are going to be trouble, but I would like to talk to them."

He truly hoped this wouldn't end in bloodshed... there were few enough Dracons in this empire already. But brigands were brigands regardless of race, that he knew. Were these Dracons hostile? Maybe, maybe not. He couldn't know. But he was aware that not all of his race were like him; there was a subset of Dracons with bitterness against light races, so better safe than sorry.

Whether or not the others agreed to stay out of sight for now, Martellus would stand and wait. It wasn't every brightening he met a group of Dracons, and he was curious to see what they wanted in this dead place.

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