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A flash of jealousy crossed the Dracon's mind as he listened to Tarin talking to Rhystlin. He knew exactly what Tarin was saying. Mister Shoulder-Touching Tarin... pff, what did Tarin have that Marty didn't? Aside from the... social confidence, the not beastly appearance, the same talents in common with Rhys, the not being poisonous... the... the... huh? Nuh uh :< Marty wasn't insecure at all! Nope.

The Dracon realised he was letting his jealousy cloud his reasoning; he had honestly grown to like Tarin in their journey to Mystique. But, this matter... it was close to heart. He could not let it go.

He took some satisfaction in hearing Rhystlin respond to the half-Vyssie in such a casually lighthearted manner. She sounded awfully modest. While some people may have been unkind to the dark races, that just made the people who were nice that much more precious of a treasure, and all the sweeter to rejoice in their presence; in fact the same went to Diamea, for welcoming the idea of working alongside the Dracon and half-Vysstichi. Perhaps Rhystlin's company would become a place of acceptance for others too. Yes, Marty could get the general tone of Tarin's words. He also got the undertone...

The weather was ever-pleasant though; how could he continue to feel gloomy on such a beautiful day? 'You are what you love, not who loves you'... ill feeling was ineffectual and lacking purpose really, no point comparing himself to Tarin.

Let's split up and look for clues, gang... "I hear you!" He called down. "Okay... I'll take a look from above; but I'll stay near you guys!" Flyover time, he would become their eye in the sky; but as promised he would stay fairly near to the others, within shouting-distance. And perhaps the Call would reveal nearby Dracons, though it seemed unlikely.

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