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Rhys chuckled up at Marty, realizing her words might not have traveled very well. She then listened as Tarin spoke, nodding in understanding of his situation. She had experienced the same thing during her own journey over the course of the last two seasons, and she knew how difficult it was to get by on inconsistent coin. She was glad that her vision for her mercenary company was also a source of hope for folks like Tarin, who wanted a more reliable source of income when doing what they knew how to do.

She smiled at Tarin's goals. She actually hadn't thought much on how similar their skill sets were, but it was nice to know someone she might be able to turn to for advice and assistance when she needed it. It would make it easy to find someone to practice with when it came to sorcery, as well.

"I suppose I could, although I don't have much experience with mounted combat. I mostly learned how to ride when I worked as a stablehand in Nexus."

She was quiet, then, as Tarin spoke his mind. She was grateful that he was happy with being a part of what they were doing today.

"We're both half elves, yeah?" she said lightheartedly. "And my commander's a vysstichi. How can I judge?" She laughed.

The candlemarks of travel went on without issue beyond their conversation, and as she saw Mileswick on the horizon, the half elf turned her attention once more to her companions.

"Let's do a tentative sweep to begin with, but don't move out of sight of one another. Make sure you stay in a shout's distance, and if you see anything, say something right away."

With that she allowed the group to go in their separate directions, seeking any signs of habitation or danger in the area.
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