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The weather certainly seemed to be kind to them for this trip. Sort of an exemplary spring brightening, really.

Their mutual gypsy friend had actually mentioned Diamea to him when he'd visited the studio on Demios. He'd mentioned the mercenary plans, and Hay'aan had said that Diamea was a good person and she was glad that people like her would be joining Rhystlin. Hay'aan certainly seemed to command good judgement, and Marty already decided that the Human girl seemed nice.

"Okay," he agreed on the matter of blades. He would've thought that his dagger would be small enough to wield, but he supposed it would be better if she had her own weapon, taking Rhys' offer.

"This is the east," he observed when Rhystlin spoke more on the road's dangers, "so civilisation is mostly less sparse around here." On the plains-level of the mainland, the inherent danger in traveling seemed to be positively proportional to how far west one went; or at least that is how it had seemed in his recent and not-so-recent journeys west. No doubt this disparity had to be due in part to the Xet fog's destruction, ruining many western settlements.

He was fine with flying while the others rode. Of course, before he took off he took the chance to jape. "Are you saying I'm too fat for a horse, Rhys?" he whined with mock distress. Once they left Nexus' city gates, Marty unfurled his leathery wings and ascended with practiced ease, gliding above the group lazily. The calm weather could be conducive to a leisurely pace.

Rhystlin seemed to be making conversation down there as they moved. He really wished he was in a better position to be join the conversation, now. He lowered a little in the air, realising that his altitude might make things difficult. "Um... yes!" he called down, not quite able to explain further without landing and walking alongside them. He regained the height he'd given and decided to just listen, if he could.

Secrets :
  • Level 2/Veteran Bladed Weapons (Longsword)
  • Level 2/Journeyman Necromancy
  • Longsword, small alchemical corrosive aspect (sheathe at left hip)
  • War machete (sheathe at right hip)
  • Plain dagger (sheathe at left of waist)
  • Kite shield (stow at mid-back)
  • Medium plate-armour
Other items
  • Some rations and water
  • Serewood crystal
  • Map of Aelyria

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