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Of course Martellus followed when Rhystlin asked people to go with her to Mileswick. He was like a loyal dog in some respects. And this wasn't simply an opportunity to help his friend... if things went as expected this may turn out some decent accommodation, and in the long run contribute to handling financial troubles. He'd been scraping by with only a modest number of crowns and a some treasure from adventures to his name.

"Serale Rhystlin," he greeted their leader happily after landing at the meeting point. "Serale Tarin..." he looked to the Human girl next, and was a little surprised by her deep blue gaze. "And, serale to you."

Martellus didn't have any questions, or any equipment needs. He was quite sure of the situation. If it wasn't far, he doubted he'd need a horse. He wasn't sure he could even ride the average horse, truth be told. They were used to lean softskins most of them, not... big lizardmen.

They'd have some travelling through and then they'd arrive at the village that they were supposed to secure. The Human asked what adversaries they might encounter there, a fair question and one that may have found more of an answer since they'd each last met Rhystlin. "Well, travelling, I expect we stand a chance of getting the odd brigands or creatures." The journey wasn't on the level of their path to Mystique: they were in somewhat more-civilised lands; they wouldn't be crossing any place previously Xet-fogged, and were unlikely to cross any severe magic contamination. "I wouldn't worry too much, you're with a capable group."

The Human girl had weapon issues? "Diamea," he addressed her after (presumed) introductions. "I could lend you a blade for close-ranged purpose if you wish." He brushed his cloak aside and revealed the machete at his right hip, and the more conventional dagger at his waist. "Can't help with throwing knives though."

So, yeah... pretty much just getting ready currently.
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