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Finally she was there, after their meet each other for the first time in Demios, they had meet other times, they spoke about Rhystlin's idea of a mercenary company and then they left for different path; Diamea always thought a mercenary company could give a lot of challenges and adventures so in the end she decided to come, for the adventure and for her friend, Rhystlin seemed to really believe in it.

After hugging and speaking with Rhystlin privately, now Diamea was there with an elf and a dracon as companion, in fact she didn't know any of them but no one made the presentations so she remained silent as Rhystlin spoke.

As Rhystlin mentioned the word equipment, Diamea looked at hers: a throwing knife, really used, and a dagger in not so good condition; she didn't know what the other had but she could really appreciate some better equipment. "If it's possible... I would need a new dagger... and maybe a pair of new throwing knife?" she didn't want to be seen as greedy but if she wanted to fight at her best, she couldn't do it with bad equipment.

Then she asked a more tactical question "Any news of what we are going to face there? Or nothing changed from the last time we spoke?" she was feeling, how to say, a little in awe at being in the company of people like this elf who seemed to have lived a lot and the dracon, even if Rhystlin who seemed really close to her age was their captain and she didn't want to be seen by the others two men like a stupid girl.

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