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[Nexus Prime] The Road to Recovery (Private, Gravity Please)

Spring Era XXII

It had taken some time for Rhystlin to finally feel as though she had found the right people to help her in this endeavor. It had taken a season of travel and several independent mercenary jobs, but the first inklings of her mercenary group were just beginning to form. These people she knew she could trust, and perhaps she was lucky enough to call them friends, which was enough to persuade her to send out the call for assistance.

There were three others, besides her. Tarin Bloodgrave, the man she had taken a contract alongside for the exploration party to Mystique; Diamea, the young girl she had met in Demios; and Martellus, the dracon friend she had already done several jobs with throughout the past season. On a whole, she felt they were a capable group, one hopefully sufficient to perform the task without much difficulty.

When they had arrived, she'd greet them individually and thank them for deciding to come. She was relieved for each one who had decided her message was worth responding to. As dull as the assignment may have seemed, it was truly the first of her company as she knew it, and its success was a small source of anxiety to her. It was a personal test as well as an job of importance to the lord baron Kitrye'veresi, and it was an important milestone in the road that was to come for her - and perhaps, for all of those here with her this brightening.

When all three individuals had arrived she said to the group, "Serale, and thank you again for your urgent responses. I have already spoken about this particular task to each of you, so you know the details by now. If you have any questions, though, I would be more than happy to answer them before we leave. I can supply you with equipment and horses, courtesy of my commander." Or perhaps our commander, soon. "Milewisk is not far, and will be a short trip, but not necessarily a safe one. We should be wary of what we may encounter. Better safe than sorry, and I'd like to see all of you safe and well by the time we're done here."

She waited for the comments, opinions, or questions any of them might have to offer before getting them set up with anything they may need for the journey.
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