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Phaedra Hemlock
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Phaedra Hemlock

Race: Cether
Height: 3'11"
Weight: 49 pounds
Hair: Dark brown, curly
Eyes: Brown

Starting Package
1 Stiletto
1 Family Heirloom: Bone from father's hand, worn on a thong around her neck.
1 Visa

Other possessions:
Large battered top hat
Ceramic Ocarina that makes eerie sounds

Where she lives: Phaedra lives in an abandoned storm drain collection chamber. This is an underground cylindrical room with stone walls and floors, about 15 feet in circumference. At one time this room collected rain runoff from three large pipes high in the walls and diverted it into a drain to the ocean at the lower part of the room, but it is no longer in use and the ingress pipes are blocked off. Phaedra accesses the chamber through the drain pipe, which at 2 feet high is an uncomfortable fit for larger folks.

What she does: Phaedra makes a living by skinning dead animals and selling the fur for coats. Stray cats make up the bulk of her living, but she is not above killing the occasional dog or any other animal she might find dead on the streets.

What she looks like: Phaedra is tall and thin for a cether, with curly brown hair that tends to pile up into odd formations if not seen to frequently. She tends to wear simple utilitarian clothing, usually black or very dark blue in color. She usually wears a cape of black burlap.

How she acts: Despite her necromancing ways, Phaedra is not truly evil, but she does have very very little empathy. This, coupled with her worldview that death is a door to a greater beyond that all must eventually step through, means that she is not inclined to sympathize with tragedy, nor hesitate to shove a knife into people.

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