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Diamea is a glorious SuperheroDiamea is a glorious SuperheroDiamea is a glorious SuperheroDiamea is a glorious Superhero
"Serale to you too..." said Diamea replying to the dracon greetings; the dracon again offered her his dagger but she found himself forced to decline his offer: that weapon was for him, not for her, she didn't feel well using a weapon created for someone like a dracon, that differed from her for size and especially strength "Thank you for you offer but I don't want to deprive you of one of your weapons..." she apologized with a smile.

As Rhystlin spoke so highly of her, Diamea couldnt but blush a bit pleased but remained silent. For her luck, Rhystlin managed to find what Diamea needed and the black haired thanked her friend for finding them and for speking so highly of her too.

Then they departed, Diamea was looking forward for this adventure, her companion seemed people accustomed to fighting and she trusted Rhystlin; the elf asked what they did in the past months and Diamea looked at their companion, she was curious of what they did...

Secrets of Foresight

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