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Already, Ameilie,
Was drawing towards the end of Éclair’s ability,
To pay all that much attention to such things as Politics,
No, she had Meli and Cerys for such matters!
That as she nibbled upon the lock of coffee-brown hair,
Her thoughts too were turning towards inspecting her hand,
And where best the Cether’s Tattoo Gift might be best spent; of where Anna might think,
Or of what design would suit the three of them once they’d had the opportunity,
Oblivious, utterly and completely,
To the Chaos that she’d unwittingly engendered in the Lady’s mind,
And so very unconcerned,
She wasn’t Éclair’s Loyalist,
After all, but Melissa’s.
Only, only…Oh.
That, that last bit was actually Important!
Something that Éclair hadn’t considered given the fuss and grump that the Church of the Faith had made with Temperance. But, well, it was always a possibility… all things Changed did they not?
”Then they can have their properties returned to them,
With an Understanding that in an Era’s time payment for their taxes will be due again, of course.” Éclair mused, shrugging her shoulders slightly.
She quite hoped it didn’t come to that,
But Éclair remained a woman of her word,
And it would have very much broken the Game,
In exercising her authority as Lady Thane, only to Change the Rules the second it suited,
”If citizens want their Little Ones,
Taught by the Church, they can, of course should they make payment,”
Oh, right!
“Aaaand, if they do,
Well, half the money to Temperance for Cerys to figure out and distribute,
And the other half to the Lady Governor Maeve, compliments of Lady Ameilie of Riversong.”
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