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Waking up in unknown surroundings was fairly familiar to Gardolan, but it must have been a fairly bad party to end up sleeping like this. Not only was it dark and uncomfortably humid, he quickly found out that somebody had chained him in place. And even worse, he wasn't drunk and probably hadn't been for a while, still the rocking of the floor felt familiar.

But he had seen this dream before. This had happened before, so the obvious result of that thought was that his mind was merely tricks on him. This was just a new kind of bad dream. "Wakyy wakyy.." he grunted with the whiskey-influenced voice of his. But he didn't wake up. This wasn't a memory of being slaved on a pirate ship. This felt unnervingly real.

Sure, it wasn't quite the same ship that he remembered, and judging from his body looks and general feeling, he was probably an adult somewhere in his thirties. Right how it should be, he thought, and the feeling of being chained and prisoned on an unknown ship grew again more real.

"Bloody bloody bloody mermaids!", he cursed as he tested his feet and tried to stand up. "Not again not again... no fun at all." he continued and shook his chains a few times, just in case they would come off. And if they wouldn't his eyes would soon turn towards the fastenings of the chains. He had build a few of this kind of ships before, so it was interesting to see how good craftmanship was on place to hold him.

This would have been the obvious continuation. There wasn't a whole lot he could do here. Probably his captors would come by some time to see if he still was unconscious, maybe even feed him once in a while. Trying to understand the situation was also something to think about. And he'd obviously have to make a clever plan here, too bad he didn't have one yet.

Secrets :
Gardolan is a professional shipwright (lvl 2) and a novice gadgeteer (lvl 1), he might be wearing a golden earring shaped to a stylized octopus that is also a secret sign for smugglers that operated around Ieffreon (and who knows where). It's much possible that the earring has been taken from him by his captors.

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