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How Do You Do?

My name is Jacob. I am a thirty-year-old from Tennessee, United States. How I discovered Aelyria at age 15 makes me cringe. The personage I've recently retired is Abil "Aal'hari" Kha'Serith, a half-dracon of nine years. Kha'Serith carries too much baggage, given his early days and offline squabbles since.

Now, I'm reusing Kha'Serith's framework with administrative approval. This version is another half-dracon whose background is inspired by Oliver Twist. I have yet to choose a name I like, but allonyms are being jotted down. His starting package shall get discussed in private, if I am remembering right.

Anyway, I look forward to my nine-year-old's adventures and encounters as he strives to live betwixt dracons and humans. The boy might be a barbarian that's later naturalized. Kha'Serith is/was already an Aelyrian. Many possibilities! I thank everyone who helped/has helped me learn the ropes.

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