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Moss Oktra'rek
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Moss Oktra'rek is a glorious SuperheroMoss Oktra'rek is a glorious SuperheroMoss Oktra'rek is a glorious SuperheroMoss Oktra'rek is a glorious SuperheroMoss Oktra'rek is a glorious SuperheroMoss Oktra'rek is a glorious SuperheroMoss Oktra'rek is a glorious SuperheroMoss Oktra'rek is a glorious Superhero
Secrets :
  • +2XP: Spontaneous unbinding and basic training and education from Old Boden. [Candace's Respite]
  • +1XP: An encounter with Barthelme and a rediscovery of memories blended with nightmares. [Daltina]
  • +1XP: Taking part in the defense of Xania from an undead horde. [Xania]
  • +1XP: Sending a drunken Calanon Siluvanade to sleep in order to carry him home. [Port Alyxandrya]
  • +1XP: Attempting to hold an underground Rodenti uprising at bay. [Crown Province of Prime]
  • +1XP: Fighting a giant, floating, tentacled potato...?! [Principality of Moonstone]
    +1XP Medonia

Myst 1 (Era ??, Month ??) [2 XP]

Myst 2 (Era ??, Month ??) [? XP]

Myst 3 (Era ??, Month ??) [? XP]

Someone Afflicted This Way Comes [1 XP]

Near The River Roland, Refuge Of Medonia (Era XXIV, Month VI)

Omak The Devoured [1 XP]

Xania, United Arium Directorate (Era XXV, Month II)

Tonight, We Make Soap [1 XP]

Port Alyxandrya, District Of Maeve (Era XXV, Month ??)

Myst 7 (Era ??, Month ??) [? XP]

Myst 8 (Era ??, Month ??) [? XP]

Wear It Up When It Wears You Down [2 XP]
Dreamscape (Era XXV, Month ??)

Having settled down to sleep on a regular darkening, Moss found himself in an unknown location with an unfamiliar identity. Dressed as a merchant, he realised he was part of a caravan that was supplying two armies, and he found himself having to navigate the precarious path of profiting from both sides without offending either. The stand-off was ultimately beneficial to him, and he resisted the overtures from a soldier on one side to end it by ferrying troops under the guise of a neutral banner to ambush the enemy. His slumber didn't last forever, of course, and though he didn't cast any spells within his dreams, the experience expanded his mind enough to gift him with a greater ability to use his arcane abilities. When he awoke, he found a piece of jewellery next to his bed. In later brightenings, he was to discover that he had unlocked a special talent that he had previously been unaware of, but after some consideration, he determined that it was this restless darkening that was responsible.
The Ring of Multum: While worn, the ring will 'burn' if Moss is presented with an unfair deal or is being cheated. In exchange, however, he cannot lie while the ring is worn. If the ring is put on, it cannot be taken off until the 'end' of an interaction - i.e. it cannot be taken off mid-conversation.
Golden Eye: Moss is capable of identifying magical reagents, i.e. he can see that an item would be useful for necromancy, elementalism, etc. However, he does not know how strong that reagent necessarily is.

Successful Castings

  • Balance: [1]
  • Bind: 6 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  • Befriend: [1]
  • Detection: 2 [1] [2]
  • Invisibility: 2 [1] [2]
  • Frighten: 1 [1]
  • Voice Of Thought: 5 [1] [2 [3] [4] [5]
  • Warmth: 1 [1]
    One other that escapes my memory...I am an amnesiac, okay?!


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