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Mod needed - free form edition [players also welcome]

Hi All!

Argon is looking to do something, somewhere to accomplish anything.

The idea behind this request is to let a prospective mod, new or old, come up with any idea they want for a *heroic dwarf to participate in.

It can be combat, investigation, political, magical.. anything.

The idea is that as a player I have not co-opted the event so that i have an inkling of what i am doing. This is gor the purpose of a more pure clueless experience to enjoy.

Argon is a sterling ranked dwarven pc with basic axe and 1 xp in meditation. He has a bunch of things on the go incl. Ikos but these things wont be able to feature in this thread. Whatever modplan is implemented should be suitable for a basic player but otherwise can be anywhere within the confines of the empire itself.

Many thanks for your consideration,
CiR here

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