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Rhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious Superhero
Back Story

The Forgotten Girl

Rhystlin was born on a misty evening on a roadside somewhere in the refuge of Medonia. Her mother was an elven archaeologist and mage known as Almaria, her father a charismatic mercenary named Araben. Rhystlin would grow to know very little of her parents, however, a circumstance of ill fortune and dark secrets...
A descendance from adventure. Almaria was a bookish researcher for Nexus Prime's most prominent univerisity, known despite her younger age for her unearthing of some of the most intriguing artifacts of her time. One particular venture into ruins long unknown came with the support of a freelance mercenary company, among them the two childhood friends Araben D'Arnalda and Myach Farsteel.
Lasting bonds, lasting heartache. Both Myach and Araben would come to love Almaria over time. So strongly had she bonded with the two that she joined their sellsword company for a time, lending her skills in magic and her fascination for the unknown.

Yet it was Myach's feelings who would in time prove unrequited - or perhaps unknown, given his quieter and humbler nature - because after many years of this companionship Almaria expressed her affections for the more outgoing and charming Araben. Eventually, the two parted ways with Myach to forge their own life together.
When it rains... Myach would not see much of the two again for some time to come. They traveled often, caught up in the passion of their work and the chaos of adventure, while Myach's grounded and practical attitude kept him through more consistent, more predictable paces. But that comfortable routine would change when Araben showed up on a stormy afternoon, a babe swaddled in his arms. In a whirlwind of events that had left both men with little time to grieve, Almaria had given birth - and then taken ill and died.
A beggining, where there was an end. Unable to cope with the loss, Araben left the child with Myach to care for. There in Nexus Prime, the city of his birth, the mercenary retired from the sword and took up the adze in its stead. His craftsmanship, adaptability, and open heart would earn Rhystlin an education, a mentor, a full belly and a home, and the love of a father - if not by blood. The visits from Araben were little more than infrequent, perhaps even obligatory fancies, but to Rhystlin, Myach's presence was a constant and comforting thing in a maelstrom of uncertainty.
Like father, like daughter. Today, Rhystlin has proven to be headstrong but diligent, passionately driven like her mother and idealistic like her father. But most of all she has taken after Myach - compassionate, hard-working, and humble - with a mind for bettering the lives of others and a heart that yearns to see the world. No matter how much he'd grown to love her as if she was his very own, Myach knew that it was only a matter of time before she began to spread her wings.

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