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That wasn't intentional.

The moment Shiro's foot touched the floor, his ears were throbbing with pain. His eyes spun fast and around to all sides as the sirens blared, trying to search out the source of the aggravating sound. What was that? He glanced back at the dwarf and the strange girly elf still lolling in the background, but found no answers there--just some more muffled yelling and complaining from the beer barrel and that elf on his stupid air-tube again.

Pitiful and useless.

The boy bit down hard and clenched his teeth as he braced again, pulling his weight downward in preparation to launch himself forward and down the hall in the fast sprint that his training and his vampire-tainted blood could manage. Just as he made his first step forward, though, he was surprised by the appearance of another weird-looking head peering around the corner of a nearby doorway. Were all these Xet so ugly?

He kept moving, fast, finding no ability nor inclination to slow his sprint as he tore down the blaring alarm-ridden hallway toward the head peering at him. His hand snuck beneath his belt and withdrew a rusted dagger, some old artifact that he never really remembered where it had come from, and tossed it, hard, at the Xet's face. He wasn't an artist like that starving white girl, but at least it'd serve as something of a distraction as Shiro finished rounding the corner and sliced down hard with his sword, pulling it vertically toward the floor with intent to separate the creature's head from the rest of its neck.

Hopefully, anyway. As if the elf and the dwarf were helping anything.
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