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I was never around long enough to contribute very much, but I just love this place. I would have had never-ending tears to come back and find it gone forever. Thank you, Juan and Staff, for doing what you do to keep Aelyria alive.

I keep thinking I'm going to have time at some point to sink my heart and soul into a new character. Starting one up for the 30-year anniversary feels like a goal to aspire to! I don't wanna do J'ly without Pala. ♥

I know you have trusted staff to help with back-end things but if there comes a need for volunteers to help with migrating information, correcting links, or tedious things that only someone who adores Aelyria would be willing to do for no pay, I would help.


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Fondest memories of J'ly. Thank you to those of you who interacted with her, much love!
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