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Argon Shatterskin is a famous HeroArgon Shatterskin is a famous Hero
Argon did want to rest and he grew tired of nursing his barely lucid companion but despite his insanity he promised to quickly grant a look underneath the ground.

Perhaps something interesting would be spied near the pond he so fondly mentioned? He was aware of his primary charge but for now a quick quizzical peak beneath he ground could be spared.

If nothing interesting happened he could leave his companion to his own devices before setting up a more secure sleeping arrangements and getting some rest before sunup. With days of 30 candlemarks he pondered how anyone would survive in a faster spinning world of 24 candlemarks or less. It seemed entirely unworkable.

With that but of daydreaming he refocused himself to dangers along the path and followed his fishy companion down a hole.
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