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"That's a complex question. Sometimes it be that if I lean into the compulsion, the rest of my thoughts ease itself. Sometimes I worry that it'll be like I'll split into two different people if I go too far. Dyou follow what I mean?"

Devon licked his lips, which were looking just a little bit raw at this point.

"There's a pond near here. Leads to the 'neath. Beneath the ground, that is. Nice full moon. A good time to think of mortality. This family of mine, we don't tend to live too long. There's a bit of a limit to it. Ponds are reflecting."

He gestured off between the trees, which were silent, still and unmoved by winds. There was indeed just the tiniest hint of a glint. Probably a watery type of glint. There was no sound of sloshing though. Whatever was glinting was certainly quite still.

"I may wander that way, if you choose to follow."

Tilting his rod over his shoulder, his loped his lanky way off through the night.
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