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  User Name / Location
Crimson is offline Crimson
Material Plane
Muse is offline Muse
Puppet is offline Puppet
Ragboy is offline Ragboy
Serendipity is offline Serendipity
Here and There
Striker is offline Striker

  User Name / Location
Kaelon is offline Kaelon
Aelyria Prime

  User Name / Location
Charybdis is offline Charybdis
Maddyn is offline Maddyn
Mimesis is offline Mimesis
roaming your garden
Nimh is offline Nimh
The Worldforge & Wiki

  User Name / Location
Ann is offline Ann
Jacob is online now Jacob
Technician is offline Technician

  User Name / Location
Grim is offline Grim
Indefinite is offline Indefinite
Where do you need me?

Society Members
  User Name / Location
Archalen Andares is offline Archalen Andares
PG, Prime, and Lauryl
Astyanax Castil is offline Astyanax Castil
Elzith is offline Elzith
Erion is offline Erion
Iseult Fluersdotter is offline Iseult Fluersdotter
Keldon Elsdragon is offline Keldon Elsdragon
Louis Lotholdt is offline Louis Lotholdt
I think it was Abestat.
Madeline Snow is offline Madeline Snow
Noe is offline Noe
Noir Belfry is offline Noir Belfry
Oinos is offline Oinos
Parreyon Syndicus is offline Parreyon Syndicus
Sancta Nova/Little Kyathis
Pescado Branch is offline Pescado Branch
Current: Xet Alliance
Rioshi is offline Rioshi
Somewhere Dreadful. Yet Beautiful.
S'Lon is offline S'Lon
Serion D'Rinishad is offline Serion D'Rinishad
Snake Eye is offline Snake Eye
Sraosha is offline Sraosha
Arakmet Wilderness
Straylor Leonard is offline Straylor Leonard
Tenal is offline Tenal
Triel Xythan'tor is offline Triel Xythan'tor
Aelyria Prime
Veldryn Syvori is offline Veldryn Syvori
Warren Prosper is offline Warren Prosper
Wessex de Evile IV is offline Wessex de Evile IV
Who knows?
Xyltha Thanole is offline Xyltha Thanole

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