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[Neos Megalis] Greasy Galileo's Gyro Shack

One of the culinary staples on Neos Megalis’ main street, known simply as the Main in the Common language, sti̱n Kýria in Eunesian, was a modest take-out restaurant called Greasy Galileo’s Gyro Shack. In true Neos Megalisian form, it took something Eunesian, like ouzo or Diogenic philosophies, and made it appeal to Mainlanders. The gyro was a traditional Eunesian dish consisting of meat, typically lamb, chicken, or pork, served with tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce, with pita bread or in it, as a sandwich. The Eunesians swore it was an original creation, and denied wholeheartedly that it had anything to do with the Arakmatan shawarma or the Ariumite doner kebab, and that those Mainlander plagiarists had added hummus, turnips, lettuce, and all sorts of degenerate sauces and vegetables to their famous sandwich. The meat was cooked on horizontal spits over a fire in a brick pit, three separate stacks: the lamb, the chicken, and the pork.

The meat was cooked and cut by Greasy Galileo himself, a fat, hairy, garrulous Secyclonian. Sometimes he also served customers from the window in his roughly-built wood shack at the edge of the Main, the last structure before the wooded path that lead to Nephele Beach. He and his assistant switched roles, serving customers and throwing sandwiches together (although only Galileo cut the meat stacks). His assistant was a petite elf-girl, a strange and quiet character with nut-brown skin and dusk-coloured eyes. Her name was Callianari, and since she’d been hired, business at Greasy Galileo’s Gyro Shack had taken a new twist.

What had once been, and still was, a mainstay of Neos Megalis, particularly for Mainlander tourists and ex-pats, now attracted some of the stranger characters of that scene for strange new kicks. There was always a line up throughout the day and a rowdier one at the end of the night. A gyro only cost one crown, or one crown five silvers with the special tzatziki sauce. There was a sign that read: “TRY THE SPECIAL TZATZIKI SAUCE AT OWN RISK.”

Chalked and carved onto the shack’s walls was customer feedback, including remarks like: “It was like I was in another place, at another time,” “FAR-OUT” “την καύση την καύση” and “Aslangrad = bad night.”

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OOCI'll probably need moderation as i think i'm going to try the special sauce :P

Timestamp: 1st of Cryxatum, in the Season of Spring, Era XVII

Leto had become accustomed to the island of Secyclion once more, and the boy began to make his way into the Neo Megalis, and to the Greasy Galileo's Gyro Shack. He had a few gold crowns on him that day, and decided to have some form of a snack, as he hadn't eaten all day, and was starting to get hungry. Making his way into the shack, he would take a seat where he could, and awaited a waiter, depending on how they served people. If one came up to him, he would order one of the gyros, and then when offered the special sauce, he smiled, and said, "Why not?"

Obviously the boy was a bit naive, and didn't know what the sauce would do, but decided to try it out anyways. Whatever it would do, he would find out, as soon as he was served, and given the chance to taste it. He would lay down a crown, and five silvers, and then await the food to be served to him, and depending on if it was, the boy of seventeen eras, would take a bite into it, and taste all that he could taste...
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The girl who handed Leto his gyro would look a bit familiar. She was that nut-brown elf girl with the dusk-coloured eyes from the Floating Markets, and, more hauntingly, the Princess of Alngea, Shiro’s girlfriend in that strange hallucination Leto had shared. But Callianari pretended not to recognize Leto, and she was gone to serve other customers before he could say anything.

At first, the special tzatziki didn’t taste all that special. Ordinary tzatziki sauce. That elf must have had some gypsy blood in her. Five silver for ordinary tzatziki sauce? But when the gyro was done, a bit of tzatziki still dribbling off Leto’s fingers, he found himself in another place, at another time, having shifted as quickly as he blinked. Just like when he had found himself in chains in Alngea.

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Eye Ball Caveat emptor.

Continued from here.

Walking from the ship at the docks in as the suns slowly rose to herald the brightening made Alexis realize a simple fact.

He was hungry, and he wasn't quite sure what it was the Eunesians ate around here. Goat? Lamb? Sheep offal?

He had heard curious tales since his seafaring service about how odd some Eunesians could be. Clams and such were good, but not exactly...filling, and while it was and island, Alexis found himself a little peckish for something...handy. He didn't want a four-course meal at some fancy sit-down restaurant - though he did remember buying wine at some Fish and Spider establishment someplace here, too, in Eunesia. It rankled him rather like the stone at the heel of his boot that wouldn't come off, and he just wasn't about to stop his small party of trailing Navy officers, marines, and a scattered few legionaries for such a ridiculous thing like that...

Good sweet Ioannes, what on telath was that?!

He smelled it at first, and it was unmistakable. Roasting meat always carried far, particularly to one with a hungry belly. Alexis all but ran the location, his party trailing close by, as fast as their feet could carry them, and by the time they arrived, the Minister of War and Lord High Admiral was busy wolfing down his second gyro, this one, beef, as the first, of chicken, had long since been consumed.

The nice thing about arriving at the Red Island a little after dawn meant that there was a somewhat shorter line. Already one could see the crowd beginning to line up in earnest.

"Jorel priest this stuff is marvelous!" exclaimed Alexis, the Duke Sapientia, as he waved at his shore party, gesturing at the fat hairy man who looked like he could cook all brightening. "You've got to try one of these! It's fantastic!" He smiled at them all. "Go on, lads, help yourselves. This one's on me!" Nothing inspired fighting men and women more than the prospect of a free meal, and it was true - since having been aboard ship for quite some time, the prospect of fresh meat and vegetables was too tempting to ignore. As for lines? There was always a line when it came to food in the military...even aboard ship.

There was just...something about tasting rolled still-crunchy pita bread intermixed with still-sizzling beef along with the tangy crisp taste of tomatoes and onions, and Alexis had tried it as it was, and it was still exemplary.

A part of him wondered, as he wandered over to the counter, why there was still no Royal Warrant displayed prominently, that this establishment had the honor to serve Eunesia's favorite sovereign son...or even said sovereign's sire.

He chuckled as he realized in the latter that many a place of ill-repute (but of good reputation!) around the realm would be pleased to report that said purveyors of fine wine and women were By Appointment to His Royal Highness the Archduke L'Evienne.

Milo would facepalm, without a doubt, or even facedesk.

Rolling his fist to stifle a burp, he grinned at the proprietor, filling a glass with regular water, and with his third and last gyro in tow. Downing the glass to quench his thirst, so was he then ready to engage in battle, once more.

The lamb gyro, last of its kind.

No way in Jorel was he going to wait a candlemark in line just to get another one, which was why he'd exercised command authority and ordered one of each while he was already before that Eunesian gal with apparent gypsyish tendencies.

The first two - of chicken and beef - had been a gastronomical delight, taken as they were. There was something the sentry at the docks had mentioned...that odd-sounding sauce. This was why he was here, after all. Thinking nothing of it, Alexis grabbed the container and swirled a generous helping at the lamb gyro, expectation already causing his mouth to water. That done, he replaced the container at the counter, turned around to return to his table, seeing the marvelous sunsrise breaking out over the Secylionian beach coastfront horizon - and took a generous bite.
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"I hope you enjoy the local specialty, m'lord," said Callianari, the gypsy-elf girl, with a smile, handing over three different types of gyro.

When Alexis bit into the third gyro, the lamb (the best for last, of course) the sunrise over the Eunesian Sea -- changed. Not even in a blink. It just changed. It was still a sea, and it was still sunrise, but the sparkling green surface became a sparkling azure, and the Main changed into the stone bulwark of a much larger city on another coast, in another time.

(OOC: Continued in International Zone )
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