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54 Dimonethius Lane

Tempris XVI onward

Of the many streets that snaked haphazardly and without order through the Toichos Kikkimos district, one was called Dimonethius Lane. And number 54 on this lane happened to be a four-room cottage that had recently come into the possession of one Miss Qiara Aubell.

It was one of the many white houses that lined the street, fitted with bright blue wooden window panes and roofs of red tile. Number 54 was pretty unremarkable from its neighbors to either side; the only thing distinguishing it at first glance was a bright pink flowering plant that spilled its vines over the front door, showering those who entered and exited the place in florid perfumed petals.

Within, the cottage proved to be one that catered to simple tastes. Those who sought splendor and opulence wandered through Arthro Galanos, where the millionaires of the city built their mansions. Qiara's abode was rather humble, all things considered. The main room's dark tile floor was covered with a colorful striped rug, around which were arranged a low table and a couch for two or three. On the table, as well as on the windowsills around the room, were wildflowers in makeshift vases, formerly bottles of limonello.

A high counter and wooden stools separated the main room from the kitchen, where Qiara practiced the cooking skills she had learned on the neighboring island of Ieffreon. Often the smells of the former cafe employee's meals would waft through the front windows, causing passers-by to stop in their steps and breathe in the heavenly aromas. On wooden shelves here and there one would find table settings for a few people, though often all that was waiting to be washed were the singular plate, spoon, and cup of solitary Qiara.

To the right was a small washroom with a blue tile wash basin, small tub and gauzy curtain, and a high window to let in the suns' light. Past that was the bedroom, where Qiara's bed was made up in soft cream-colored linens and pillows. A shelf and a dresser held her belongings and clothes, which were more often than not put away neatly.

It was not so different from the home she had left in Ieffreon, but what mattered to Qiara at present was that this home was not in Ieffreon. That city held too many painful memories, some that were only painful now because she could never relive them again. Her short trip to Secyclion had turned into an eye-opening revelation for Qiara, so much so that she was now making her home on the Red Island.

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