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[Toichos Kikkimos] Arthro Okeanios Konsevatri ep Okeanios Exerevnisi

This location can be self-moderated for patronage purposes.

The Conservatory is one of the most unique of it's kind on the Kingdom, dedicated to the specific study of Ichthyology -- or the study of fish; as well as oceanic ecology. One of the newer Institutes, it houses an Akadimia with regards to the academic pursuits of those courses, as well as a maritime museum attached to the main building showcasing the different types of rare fishes and general information about them, with regards to their last sighting and general behavioral habits and geographical positions.

Translated in the Common tongue to, "The Oceanic Conservatory and Center of Oceanic Exploration", the building is relatively new in the District, and just a stone's throw away from the Thanal Compound; and despite it's recent establishment, had already attracted it's fair share of tourist just based on it's sheer uniqueness.

Seeming to be commissioned by the Thane himself, who harbors a love for the sea as many Eunesians inevitably do, the concept was taught up by several Nobles of Arthro Galanos before it was formalized and approved, hastily set up during the months of the Longest Winter to ensure that people who were made jobless because of the weather could still engage in construction works to feed their families.

As one steps into the marbled stoa that opens to a wide main hall with a dome-shaped ceiling, one would be immediately treated to a majestic sight of two reconstructed skeletal remains of the ancient shark Megalodon, with a first recorded sighting in Eunesia in the Era 9564, the two skeleton display held by powerful ropes that were painstakingly arranged to detail the power and fluidity of the creature's might, humongous jaws open and seeming ready to clench shut moment; the serrated teeth still impossible sharp, even in death.

There are strong links to PAHA group in Ieffreon, and two organizations are in fact, sister organizations strongly affiliated to one another, with many of the graduated from the Conservatory eventually becoming members of the PAHA. Many of the curators, students and professors to the Conservatory are practitioners of Deepscraft, with the rare feral shaman linked to watery animal guides. Many chooses to work within the Conservatory out of interest and thus do not draw a salary, and the traveler would simply have to pay a minimal fee of three crowns used for maintaining the Museum and the building.

While not adverse to the livelihood to many of the native Islanders; which would have received a backlash in return, the Institute nonetheless preaches the concept of conservative fishing, and often organizes parties for deep sea exploration in the outlying islands. One of the more recent excavation works by the Conservatory includes the exploration of the Deep Below, believed to be the remnants of the culture long before the Insular people would come to settle in Eunesia; and the civilization destroyed by the historic volcanic explosion.

Secrets :
 NPCs guides can be made up. They can be from all over the Kingdom, and are usually young, activist types. Three crowns per entry to the Museum.  


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Immanis 10, midbrightening
Winter of Era XVI

The word had spread across the island, from tip to tip, about the wondrous miracles that had occurred. The very waters teemed with fish, life-giving things that all could partake in. There seemed to be enough still to carry them through winter, staving off the rumors of starvation after winter had come only so little a while ago. The topic of many a parlor and drawing-room, naturally, was the Miracle itself.

Therefore, it seemed generally unsurprising that surprising things might occur. For instance, about midday shortly after the revelation of the Miracle, a researcher from the Conservatory bolted up from the docks. He was hardly the only researcher there; quite a number of them had descended upon the boats, demanding to review and catalogue the fish that spilled out of the nets. There was some babble about fish never seen before, special fish.
That was precisely what this particular researcher was yelling about now.

Something about a miraculous fish, one that would cure any ill, a magical fish! He was naked except for a loincloth and sandals, and ran through the streets bearing the fish in question above his head with both hands. It was a pretty large specimen, easily half the size of a man, thick and surely heavy. Every scale glittered like an individual rainbow, except for a broad red stripe down each side. Sure, it was pretty, but was it worth a man's pride and common sense?
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