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Spring, Era XV Post-Fractum.

Senya and Andre were out on the far side of the beach, walking along the quiet waves towards the city lights glittering above the ocean. There were breezes and palm trees and citrus and midnight and sand.

"It is beautiful here. And there are worse places than Secyclion."


"You miss the capital?"

"We used to be relevant."

"It's not our Empire anymore, Senya. They moved on and forgot about us."

"That's everybody's story here."

"I wonder who'll come here next. The regent's a prince now."

"The anarchists."

"You think so?"

"There won't be any more secessions, or revolutions, only wars, and nobody will lose, except the anarchists. Every city they destroy is rebuilt before they can destroy another. They've never overthrown a regime. They will never overthrow a regime. They'll come here, like Bowery did. The constellations are ordered by Ioannes. Everyone who makes it to Secyclion is an erratum. There will always be errata, and they will always be ordered, and the Empire is eternal until we all turn our eyes from Ioannes' constellations, and we dream into other skies."

They were quiet for a bit. Then Senya stopped. She kicked off her sandals and ran into the ocean.

"Whatever happened to your queen? Kenasoya?"

"I don't know. She disappeared."

"Want to come swimming?"

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