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Viva la Vida (Wynd)

 First Cycle of Melora, Winter, Era XV

It took all but two minutes for Jamie to realize he was in deep ****.

The minute the guard had demanded a Visa, and the one or five seconds of painstaking silence in which Jamie inexplicably failed to come up with a decent excuse sent the silent alert like a tidal wave through the system. He was immediately snatched up by the wrist and dragged out of line, never mind trying to impress the new local natives – he’d seen a pair of cute femmes eyeing him up as he stepped off the ferry – and quickly joined by another, chubbier, fatter variety of the loosely coined definition of ‘guard’.

“Where’s your Visa?” was promptly responded to with:

“Where’s your Visa? Don’t you have to show me some identification before you start diggin’ around for mine?” which, in turn, was equally retorted with an easy:


After what could have ended up a long walk off a short pier, the pair dragged along a rather reluctant Jamie who wasn’t exactly prepared for some governmental dipping into his pocket book.

The chubby one shoved him inside. Don’t even mention the startled old lady he bumped into; not that Jamie really apologized.

“This one ‘ere needs a Visa. See he gets patched up,” he tossed a callous glare at whomever was in charge – feth, he was a guard, and this was a little more effort than his pay grade suggested. Rolling his shoulders back with an air of arrogance, he shouldered past Jamie, knocking him squarely, before nodding to his compatriot in crime and abandoning the premises. Jamie was left to stand there a little awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly and struggling to grin the whole encounter off.

“Uh, what exactly is this gonna take?” he asked, mind half wondering if it was about time he gave the Empire a name to prosecute him by, half contemplating ducking out the door.

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The guard in charge sat down with a heave and gestured for Jamie to join him. He sighed and stared the prettyboy down.

"Giorgio!" he called out. A clerk-looking man stepped inside. "Do we have any visas lying around?"

"I'll go check, sir."

Then the guard, "I don't really care who you are, where you're from, or why you don't have a visa, but you're a lucky bastard you landed on the right island."

Giorgio came back holding an Imperial visa. He tossed it on the guard's desk.

"Somebody left this at the Red Scarlet a few months ago. Nobody bothered claiming it. Tourist."

The guard picked up the visa. "You see... Don, we only do this in case the Imperial ambassador comes along for an inspection. Otherwise we wouldn't even have stopped you. We stopped caring who comes here when the Mainlanders showed up. Welcome to Secyclion, don't leave Neos Megalis. Oh, and congratulations, you're a citizen of the Empire, Don."

He handed Jamie the visa -- he was, officially, Donald (OOC: I can't believe I let him request this) McLovin of Taralon.

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