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Summer in Secyclion... PARTY HARD!! (Open random event)

Throughout the whole summer season, twenty-nine candlemarks a brightening, ten times a cycle, Era XVIII P.F

Summer has descended upon the Red Isles!

It was at this time of the season the weather was usually at its hottest. Temperatures soared, humidity was at an all time high, and no matter how hard the ocean breeze wafted through the smoldering island, or what petty summer storms soaked the sizzling land, nothing could offer respite from the hot summer heat wave. It was like a counter to last season's wet spring, which saw more rains than usual. And this was perhaps the hottest summer Secyclion had seen since the time of the Longest Winter which had affected the Kingdom several eras back. Of course Eunesia weren't greatly troubled by that one dramatic weather change, but it did brought about a summer that did not see many nudist upon her pristine beaches.

Indeed, Secyclids were famous, or rather infamous for their rampant display of physical flesh when the weather gets too hot. Native men and women, eager to cool down, had simply stripped themselves to the barest of modesty. Virile Secyclid men flooded the city center and walkways with nothing more than a piece of loincloth decorated with colorful beads, barely covering what needs to be covered, while their women huddled in the background, keeping to their places as expected from Secyclion's strong patriarchal community, with simple and mundane strips of cloth. Within the government and religious places, some measure of formality was still maintained and the more appropriate toga was still donned, but at the beaches, many simply went nude.

A superstitious lot too, there had been rumors that the erratic weather may be a sign for more things to come. Maybe the nereids and nymphs are going to attack again, or yet once more Markalin will be upset and set his titans of the deep upon the island, or the long lost terrors of legends past will arise once more to steal every first born child. Regardless, that and the sweltering weather did not at all stop the tourists flocking over from the mainland. In fact, tourism boomed during the summer months to the point, they now made up the majority of the nudist basking away on the white sandy beaches. And if they weren't on the beach, then they were jam packed down the clubs in the Neos Megalis, partying their life and wealth away.

All through the darkening and brightening, places like the M&M (short for The Mouse and the Masque), and The Main were filled to the brim in a conglomerate of sweaty limbs and bodies. All over, they spilled through the streets like a veritable carnival, laughing and dancing, from the stone pavements that formed the canals, to the very shores of the Nephele Bay, and straight into her waters. The drinks were free-flowing, and the music, a bold combination of drums featuring traditional local beats fusion with contemporary mainland styles, never stopped beating. Most of the revelers were youngl; good looking sons and daughters of wealthy merchants and blue bloods, or if they were one of the unfortunate souls without a rich daddy (or even a daddy to boot), they had at least a pretty face with a nubile body they could whore out for lavish attention and coins - and always, they was someone willing to oblige, always.

Sex filled the steamy air, perfumed by exquisite cigars, cigarettes and cigarillos fresh out from the Acores Key, or the more exotic variants such as the hookahs from Arakmat, or the kiseru from Zinn'Sunn. People lost themselves in the moment, with or without the aid of extra stimulants to add to the alcohol and smoked substances. Qaifa, kero, leaf, and a myriad of other addictives were openly smoked, snorted, consumed or inhaled, as freely as the kissing, fondling and the groping going about.

Truly this was one of the hottest summers in Secyclion, and it wasn't down due to weather-problems either.

OOC:Thread is open for the entire duration of summer!
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Leto, whom was a boy of merely 18 eras, had been working in his shop for most of the summer, getting out commissions, sending letters and trying to make new connections. On this particularly hot brightening though, he was dressed in merely a feyanella, the hue of blue to match his particularly bluish hued eyes. He didn't have a shirt on, and his chest was bare as could be, muscled, and lean. Making his way out of his shop, as it was one of the brightenings it wasn't opened, and he was just checking in on some of his commissions, he looked around, and then began to head down towards the beaches of Secyclion.

Upon reaching them, he watched the people roving around, a smile crossing his face as most of them walked around nude. He didn't think anything of it, as he had become accostomed to the nature of Secyclion once more, and could hear the beating of drums as the music was playing throughout the city. Taking his Feyanella off, revealing his lower body, he set it down upon a large rock that was situated by the water, and began to dip his feet into the water, allowing himself a cooling of them as he felt it rush in between his toes, and over his feet. Stepping forwards, as he went to enter the waters, he thought about Markalin, his patron diety, and smiled a bit as his thoughts drifted back to the virile young men of Secyclion, given he happened to be one of them.

Moving further into the water, he was in about waist deep when he turned around, allowing the waves to flow onto his buttocks, and then layed down, just merely floating within the water now, his hair wetted upon his head, and his sapphire blue eyes staring up towards the bright sunny sky. He allowed the cool water to work it's way into his being, and after a moment of floating on the surface, he would stand back up, and start to make his way back towards the beach once more, happy to have gotten himself wet in the process of cooling down...
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2 Ulyris, Era XVIII P.F.

An eternity would not be too long to wait.

The boy crouched over his toes, knees bent sharply and elbows resting on their lower pairs. His eyes gently flickered from side to side. Each new survey of the street stretched between each end, carefully measuring its throngs of partying Secyclids. It was now that the islanders’ penchant for revelry reached its height in these hot summer months. Clothing came off and drink poured freely. Sweat hung in the air thick and heavy with all its accompanying scents of life and its more lecherous pursuits.

It didn’t bother him much anymore. Once it would have boiled his stomach and started his temper pumping hard through each and every vein. Now he simply didn’t care. They could dance their way to Aeternia or Aetheria, case may be, and he would simply sit on the sidelines and watch. Their stench filled his lungs like poison with each and every breath, but he didn’t mind this brightening. He would let it seep through and do its work without paying attention to its acrid taste.

Certain bitterness could be swallowed. Others would simply be ignored. Some would be kept and allowed to flourish into the monsters they were, ready to be released when the moment had finally ripened.

For now, he’d wait.

His katana had been strapped lightly across his back. A few fingers caught between the green cloth and his chest, holding it just a bit closer to the edge of his spine. He was watching them from the edge of the trees just underneath the shade, not quite daring to go out onto the beach proper. He had, for once, left his outer cloak at home and had adopted the loose style of the islanders, using the season as an excuse to wrap himself in a few yards of linen and leave his Sherian-bound clothing behind.

There was a slight chance that Callianari would be here this brightening—and that was enough to let him wait just a bit longer.
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(OOC: Alright I'm gonna try this, "separate the 'event' into different threads" thing...)

Leto: http://www.aelyria.com/forums/secycl...inue-leto.html

Shiro: That One Darkening, When... (Shiro)
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