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[Neos Megalis] The Vorgan and Spigot Public House

circa Ponutis Era XVIII

They'd been filtering in for eras now. Only recently had they come in bigger droves. Most of their fellow refugees fled to closer desintations, eastern Enamoria and southern Prime. The first ones to arrive had been members of the political class no longer favourable with the variously changing regimes in Taralon. The Royalists had not had to go far, but once Vylle Fyrrialt assumed the intendancy of Imperial Sherian, Imperialists and Imperial-sympathizers who found themselves on the wrong side of Governor Fyrrialt's inscrutable and haphazard machinations had fled under cover. Unsafe in most of the Kingdom, they'd come to where they'd heard other political exiles of the past had arrived to live peacefully. Many of them knew Versian mageocrats who, after the fall of Julos, had shunned their southern home town for this island getaway where no one seemed to care about the colour of your flag or creed. They'd heard about it and they'd come.

Later, a few low-level bureaucrats and a couple merchants of Narim, smart enough to recognize Elsdragon's legions for a bad omen had arrived as well, and later still, after the Battle of Narim, when it became clear under Deklan that the Empire was on its last legs, and after, when it gave up entirely, members of all factions, Deklanites, Fyrrialtists, Avornmagoreans, Imperials and Confederates washed up at the Secyclion harbour. For the most part, average Sherianites had fled but stayed close, piling into Enamoria and Prime. Secyclion was for those who knew there were elements of the government that wanted them dead or in gaol, who knew that they'd been more than innocent bystanders in the whole affair. They came and they brought their families, or had none left to bring. They were army officers, bureaucrats, spies, secret police, embassadors, propagandists, golem-crafters, airship technicians. They arrived and they took up residence in the tenements of western Neos Megalis.

Inevitably, on the western strip of the Main, a man who'd abandoned his roadside inn in the southern Sherian between Taralon and Vers opened a new pub, the Vorgan and Spigot Public House, which replicated something of the coziness and warmth of the Fireside, except in Secyclion's tropic climate, the fire in the back on which they roasted mutton and lamb was hot enough.

On entering one met a thick cloud of smoke from Sherian tobacco and smelled spilled ale and roasting meat. They didn't drink ouzo and marikaima here like at the Nexus (although whiskey was a popular choice), or sip Arakmatan coffee and Enamorian tea like at the Cafe Parampoulous. Here it was good honest fare. Ale, mead, stouts, and gin. It was staffed and frequented mostly by the Sherianite émigres, being on the less active western end of the Main. Here one could find men who had worked for the petty emperors of the south, confederates, ex-Black Shields, even a few shifty-eyed members of Fyrrialt's secret police, the S.I. All was not hunky-dory with the Sherianites of Secyclion. They lived next door to each other, they all drank at the same pub and worked at the same dockyards or launched their fishing boats from the same docks, but at the Vorgan and Spigot, lines were drawn. Tables were divided along political lines. Those men there were Confederates, regionalist patriots and secessionists, that it, those were Narimite Royalists and utter bastards, those there were Imperialists, expansionists, war-mongers, some still believed Eyvind Avornmagor would have taken them places, and by and large most of them despised that turn-coat and coward, Governor Drunkee MacWino. Arguments broke, sometimes with fists and sometimes with knives, and the atmosphere remained as tense as the province from which they'd all fled for their lives.

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