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Neglected Responsibilities [Ogrim -- Private]

In the Season of Autumn, Era XVII

Autumn was perhaps one of the most miserable of months on Secyclion. After the bristling heat that had settled like a festering rot over the Isle, it was now raining almost every Brightening, the rain pelting down almost mercilessly, flooding the canals that seemed quite inept in draining outwards into the seas.

Along the slums of Neos Megalis, where perhaps beings like Ogrim could walk about without being too ostracized, the flooding was the most severe. It was almost hard to move about without threading in shin-deep waters in most cases, and needless to say, the floods also brought along the scents of waste and rot that had been washed out by the waters.

It was quite dismal, really, the current state of things. Then again, Secyclion was no Ieffreon or Olympia, and the backwater colony was at the very end of the Brightening, a backwater colony.

Sudden frantic cries in Eunesian roused the elder Orc from his reverie, drawing his attention where Secyclionian Militiamen seemed to be engaged in hot pursuit, splashing water about in their wake. A few of them even accidentally shoved innocent civilians into the canals, leaving a wake of trailing locals cursing and sputtering about in the filthy waters.

From his vantage point, Ogrim could see the back of the creature that was currently being pursued. His skin was black like Ogrim's with bits of fur matted by the rain and running down his shoulder-plates that were somewhat crude in design, but so easily recognizable to be crafted by Orc blacksmiths who valued durability over pansy aesthetics. Leather straps were wound around the Orc's torso, with a variety of maces, throwing axes, long knives, daggers and bolas attached to him so snugly that they barely moved when he ran. The creature was almost a walking one-man arsenal by his own right.

Suddenly dipping his head down, the large Orc head rushed a Militiaman charging towards him as the forward momentum of the Orc would have easily snapped a rib or two as the shoulders impacted against the ribs of the unfortunate guard as the creature now rose to his full height, the Secyclionian now danging perilously on the shoulder, arms and legs flailing before he was flung into the canals as well, choking and struggling to stay afloat -- no mean feat with broken bones.

"Fer da Skullhammer Clan!" The creature bellowed loudly as he continued on his rampage, darting about the elevated platforms of the Neos Megalis deftly as he yet again evaded another guard who swung a short sword at him.
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