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Fiend or Foe?[IC][OPEN]

It was the summer of Ulryis, and the darkening of Solaria in in the era XVII. A shaded figure stepped free from the confines of the travel boat to the wooden docks on the beach head of Secyclion, the Red Island.

The figure bore no visible telling features of her race, save for the pointed ears, crimson blood eyes and the rare glimpse of her diamond thread-like locks of hair that hung free from her cowl cloak and hat.
She was of a lithe nature, her movements taken in majestic stride. At first glance of her posture one could tell she held herself proudly, of elven kind she belonged after all.
Suein was a Vysstichi, a most hated breed of Elf, and therefore she kept her most vivid features as concealed as once could possibly do. She would travel from place to place in the dark of night, in hopes of hiding her secrecy. Keeping out of the sight of local authorities was always a good idea. for the time being.

She stepped away from the docks, heading deeper inland, unsure of this new place. The sand shifted smoothly yet unevenly beneath her heels. The footing she gathered from just the terrain gave her instinctual uneasiness. The discomfort would eventually pass, she thought, pulling her cloak around her a bit more as a chilling breeze swept through her body.

Suein felt the excitement rush through her body. An air of adventure sifted through her. She could feel it in the back of her head. Some kind of intuition. Just being on the surface world was enough to give her the ego that she could fulfill her deepest desires.

She turned back only to pay the ferryman her fair reluctantly dropping a few crowns into his outstretched hand before turning her back upon the man with not so much as a word to him.
The surface world was so alien to her. She had no real clue where she was going, only the sight of the beach, and the sound of the waves of water lapping up to the sandy shore.
She took the time to smell the sea air, and listen to the water. A glace into the sky at the heavenly bodies and their ultimate magnificence. She made a small prayer to Haya in the back of her mind, begging for some kind of sign of where she could start her journey.

She had originally come here for Secyclion, rumors of strange creatures, and people unknown drew her attention. Causing her to grab what modest funds she had, and to make her way to this.. well her imagination had no bounds, nor did her vocabulary of insults.

Suein adjusted her posture, that she might not look so stiff if her movements as she eagerly made her way down the beach. hands hidden beneath the confines of her cloak, her face still hidden in shadow of the brim of her hat. She felt the ocean spray on her ebon skin, and upon her chest. Refreshing. She thought diligently.

"Haya mark this occasion, I feel as if i am lost, yet still found all at once!" There was no one in particular around, or at least that she could see. Though always, she had the feeling of being watched. She attempted to shrug it off and continue her walk down the beach, hoping to find some trail to a village, or city on this blasted island.
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Being that day had turned to night, and Grot was a great lover of sleep, the giant had tucked himself comfortably on the other side of a sand dune near the beach to sleep while listening to the waves lap against the shore. Stumpy on the other hand, didn't need to sleep that often, and having been firmly driven into the ground at the top of said sand dune was left with on his own to watch the night time scenery. Scenery that on most evenings was utterly unchanging and with the lack of trees to communicate with often left him entirely to his own, seriously lacking devices for entertainment. Not that the grizzled old treant turned club longed for company or even really felt boredom having been used to spending decades on his own sitting comfortably in his nice happy forest. However now that he'd been ripped from said forest and carved down to less then half his original size and with none of the mobility he'd previously enjoyed, he was stuck planted in the ground like a fence post and none to pleased about it.

On this night however, far different from many other similar, a boat pulled ashore to drop off a slightly confused, if not lost looking visitor to the island. "Oy Lass, best move along quickly before you attract the attention of things best left alone. There's a great ignorant brute of a giant sleeping here and it'll be your end if he wakes. Now run along quickly and quietly lest you wake him up" the club-ent called in a clear yet muted voice curious as to if she'd even figure out who was speaking to her. He was afterall, little more than a stake driven into the ground and in this gloom, it was unlikely his gnarled, grizzled old face would be noticed.
"And I heard as it were the noise of thunder/
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Friend or Foe? (cont)

The lithely dark elf stumbled from the slightly startling voice that rang through the darkness of night. Like a wound torn clean open once again, her senses were awoken in an instant, the salty clean air of the sea stung her nose, and it's cold brought a chill to her skin. Suein could barely make out shapes in the darkness, but she could tell something of some sort was there. " Who goes there?" she called out softly, about the same tone as the original forewarning voice. She reached up to remove the cowl covering her face, the dark skin upon her lips, her bloodshed eyes.

She was a beautiful young Vysstichi with the looks one might see in Nobility, though this Dark Elf was of no noble lineage.

Suein's hands had instinctively gone to her weapons, fingers curling around the metal and leather hilt of her rapier, her other appendage upon the hilt of the iron dagger. She was ready to defend herself in the slightest sign of trouble.

" A Giant?" she asked herself aloud though her voice was inaudible to anyone who wasn't at least a few feet from her. She stepped backwards, the smell of the air had changed from crisp, clean sea air, to something putrid. The smell of sweat, and dirt and something else combined lingering in the air. The sand shifted beneath her heels once more as she dug her boots down and moved nimbly, and quickly away from the direction of the voice. Trying to put ground between her and the disgusting behemoth man. She had not ever encountered a giant in her short lifetime, but the stories of them grinding people's bones for their bread, and eating young children alive. The thought process of this didn't disturb her however.

Suein was a cruel dark elf, with a passion for pain to boot. She found extreme pleasure in the cries of others pains. Their screams for help which would never be answered. On the boat she had devised several torture methods involving removing the bones of the victim while they remained alive, but she didn't want such a thing to happen to her. So with this in mind she ran, a chip to her pride to run for her safety like a coward.
Pride broken, but knowing she couldn't fight such a beastly being in her current state.

As she moved further and further away from the site the great blob of flesh had been, she came back to the docks she had arrived at originally. Now with dark set upon the island, torches, lit, and showing the way down a path could be seen quite clearly. Suein followed the path coming to what appeared like a gate. "This must be Secyclion" she thought aloud once more.

The Dark Elf noticed there were guards standing ready at either side of the gate, and felt that if she didn't conceal herself once more they would deny her passage. She removed her plumed hat and brought her cowl up once more around her face, pulling the hood up over her head only allowing a few stray locks of her silver hair to cascade over the cinched collar that held her cloak around her.

One hand deep in her cloak she procured her visa, and with the other still holding her hat she approached the gate with uneasy stride noticing the guards were... Males.

She sucked in her disgust of this situation, and said nothing as she showed either guard her Imperial Visa. A nod came from either guard and she was allowed access, the gate opening with a creak. The dark elf entered not looking back or giving them a bow, or a nod or a smile. Human Males didn't deserve so much as a look in the eye from her, less be words.

She considered males to be nothing more than muscle, breeding stock, warriors... Something to be used for gains, but they were needed. Humans, any other race, meaning any being who wasn't Vysstichi, was considered, inferior and the males of any race were even lower.
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