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Orb Nightfall at the Harbour [Private, Ragman]

He was with a girl he had met once, in a field. She had pointy ears like elves did, but the round face of a human, and smelled wonderful. After an evening's chase, he'd caught her at last, and he weightlessly stepped across to her front. He said something to her, and she didn't really respond, but smiled, and soon the two of them were tumbling through a river that wasn't cold, she was beautiful and smelled of wood...

This is a dream, Aidan, chastised his better self. That's enough. Get up, you lazy bum. He found himself unable to surmount his own barriers of mental protest. Get up or the pretty tavern wench will drive you out with a broom like the last one did...

It took some work, but Aidan got up; or tried, anyhow, and almost teetered himself out of his hammock onto the scrawny fellow sleeping on that side just under him, who happened to be snoring quite loudly. With the help of his quick reflexes he scrambled himself back into the net with no trouble, but for some while chose to lie there with his eyes closed, debating whether or not he was still dreaming. But the snoring really broke the illusion; for some reason, his dreaming mind was never quite able to mimic the right sort of intermittent wheezing.

Having been forced into the admission that he was nowhere near where he thought he should be, Aidan next perceived that his unconscious had been suppressing for what apparently had been a very long time, least of which was an accursed, rhythmic, and all-too-familiar rolling and pitching. Just like the rolling feeling he suddenly realized was coming from...nay, out of...his belly.

Several nearly silent and wretched grimaces later, the young lad had finally managed to yield what remained of last night's pracenda to the floor through a hole in the hammock. It had been a good meal for the price, he reminisced. Fortunate that he'd had the presence of mind to throw up on the -left- side instead of the right. That would have made sleeping -very- difficult.

Come to think of it, Aidan never remembered leaving the taberna after pracenda. And that begged the more pressing questions that were rapidly floating to the top of his consciousness:

What in Jorel's name was he doing on a boat?

Where in Aeternia was his stuff?

Just how far out to sea were they?

With subdued anger the young man alighted from the hammock. He looked around, and couldn't make much out, save the fact that he was indeed inside a ship, possibly a lower deck. Annoyed at this, he proceeded to softshoe his way to a hatch that he could barely make out in the darkness. Maybe there was a ladder or a rope he could climb up or something. Some clue to reveal just how he had gotten here from where he had been last night...
*Note well: I am no longer playing the namesake character. That character has been relegated to NPChood.*

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Hazudar is a famous HeroHazudar is a famous HeroHazudar is a famous Hero

Just when the lad's crafty, creeping foot had been performing so admirably, disaster struck... or rather, his foot struck disaster, jabbing roughly into a certain large something that was sprawled out in front of the hatch and had roughly the same texture as an ogreskin rug. The object jerked, rolled over on its side, then slurred out a jumble of fond obscenities that made it plan Kalirren's weren't the only wet dreams in this joint... and in fact, far from the wettest.

"...damn wench, again? Can'tcha see I'm... zzz..." Haz's raunchy stream of unconsciousness dribbled off, as he lifted a claw to shove away whatever pesky thing was prodding at him... wait a minute, prodding at him?

"Ay, da Hazinator dun go fer DAT sorta stimulation!" tumbled from the orc's fast talking lips, his eyes and mind still lagging well behind (as they so often did). He managed to bolt upright and scuttle backwards on his feet and palms, but then the confusion cleared and Haz merely... blinked.

Actually, the confusion had tripled. What the hell kind of dump was this? A floating one, obviously... so was it the brig? Cargo hold? Another slave barge, perhaps? Fethin arrogant bastards, were slavers -- though obviously good judges of material, based on the number of times they'd tried to put Hazudar on the auctioning block.

"Hmph... dat was a good one, kid. Ya spoiled it. Had katta-eared kemites n' everything," Haz grumbled, not really paying much mind to the young fella who'd kicked him awake. Didn't seem like much of a threat... too bad. Hazudar enjoyed threats. In any case, he went about sniffing and ogling the room, as orcish darkvision slowly kicked in.

"Dis sure ain't th' Nexus... even if it DOES smell like that dump." Haz crinkled his nostrils at the familiar tavern stench of ale and vomit. "Mostly comin' from YEW, really," he casually remarked, giving the stranger a second glance. "Hell kinda ship is dis, anyways?"
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Ragman is a glorious SuperheroRagman is a glorious SuperheroRagman is a glorious SuperheroRagman is a glorious SuperheroRagman is a glorious SuperheroRagman is a glorious Superhero

Aidan and Hazudar had quite literally been Imperia'dShanghai'd, and were already leaving Eunesian seas.

Slowly, but surely as the alcohol left their brains, leaving on the sensation of a thousand bees having taken residence in their minds, what had transpired over the last few candlemarks had began to form fuzzy figments of unconnected memories that made little to no sense how they had ended up on this ship, but it was better than nothing at all.

The soft spray of salt in the air indicated they were in the high seas -- actually just West of Arios and making their way towards Arium, traveling rather quickly giving the violent bumps in the waves that had in fact, prompted Aidan to heave up his Pracenda from before. The seas were particularly rough that Darkening too, and the sounds of drumming atop them sounded like heavy droplets of rain strumming from the skies, and the leakages in the lower decks clearly leaving very little to be desired in such living conditions. Hazudar would find that his pants were completely soaked as if he had wet himself, and half of Aidan's shirt was also wet from a leak from above his hammock.

Backtrack about four candlemarks ago, when they were getting lividly drunk in a slump bar by the Neos Megalis. Some strange man was buying them drinks by the dozens, shots after shots of Dwarven Whiskey that tasted like sewer water by the tenth or so shot. There had been a crimp of course, the mastermind of this entire affair, who had been watching them, slowly goading them to drinking more and more of that vile alcohol until the music had faded from their ears and their feet had given way to sleep and their heads had met good ol' terra firma.

And then when it came the time to kidnap the two men, the crimp, a local Eunesian by the name of Ambrose who was notorious for such sinister dealings, having struck deals with various pirate Overlords that vie for power over Neos Megalis to particularly pick on unsuspecting male patrons, especially non-locals and conscript them as sailors by such trickery had signaled for the pirates to move in, hauling their sorry hides out of the bar while happily calculating his earnings for that Darkening before a pile of commissions.

It was a lucrative business, because, in all seriousness, who would say no to free drinks?

They had carried the smaller framed Aidan onto the hammock and would have done the same for the Half-Orc except that he was so heavy and smelly that they give up half-way and just unceremonically dumped him by the hatch and left him there snoozing. In fact more than one of the seamen were now nursing their sprained arms in their dormitories.

As for what purpose they had been Imperia'd for? It still remained a mystery, but then they would soon find out that they were on the Black Siren, one of the small-time pirate vessels that did everything from plundering to slavery, with the occasional smuggling of contraband goods into Secyclion. A smaller vessel like theirs also meant that they were often targeted by the Royal Navy who might be deterred from the capabilities of larger pirate vessels, as well as an easy prey to other bullying larger pirate vessels.

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