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[Location] The Priory of St. Ophelia

Priory of St. Ophelia
Home of the Sisters of Mercy

While the Church of Faith held court in the city of Diana, the heart and soul of the Empire resided in the shining capitol of Aelyria Prime. It was here that the holy Ancient Aelyrian guided by great Emperors and Empresses forged their insular society into a great, continent-spanning Empire. It is here that the very existence of the Imperial government stood testament to the sacrifice and bravery of a single Aelyrian warrior in the face of fear and chaos. Commoner and nobleman alike only needed to gaze towards the Student quarter to gaze at the tall stone spires and the stained glass windows of the Windibreeze Cathedral for a reminder of their faith. The Cathedral provided a place of worship for the rich and powerful whist also serving as the center of a vast web of local churches and chapels catering to the spiritual needs of the millions dwelling in Aelyria Prime’s walls. Directly to the left of the Cathedral stood a facility dedicated to the worldly care of the flock: the Alyssa Chrysinaria Memorial Hospital. Here the nurses, doctors, and mages tended to physical ills and pains of the needy regardless of political power or material wealth. The Empire existed to give eternal praise to Diana, and in its capitol She would be worshiped and exalted.

Within sight of the Cathedral and the hospital was a walled compound housing a lesser known body of the Church of Faith. The Sisters of Mercy dwelled behind tall stone battlements hung with the black and red banners embroidered with the winged Aetherpike-on-shield emblem of their order. Entrance could only be gained through the heavy wooden doors and steel portcullis of a somber gatehouse. Two paladins stood guard over the entrance at all hours of the brightening while reinforcements waited inside the gatehouse. Armed sentries patrolled the walls either by the light of the suns or the pitch-soaked torch. Behind the gates lay a grass field large enough for a lance to practice maneuvers with room to spare. One stone pathway branched eastwards between the Basilica and the eastern buildings towards vegetable and herbal gardens. Another pathway branched west to practice grounds and sandpits. During the evening hours, the residents of the Students Quarter could often see the telltale flash of light as the paladins unleashed their remaining energies. The buildings and facilities of the Sisters of Mercy were clustered into three main groups: the Eastern Half, the Western Half, and the Basilica Proper.

The Eastern Half housed the infrastructure necessary to support over a hundred warriors. Directly adjacent to the gardens were storehouses filled with enough food to survive several cycles of constant battle. Another housed the herbs, potions, bandages, and tools required to supply the infirmary and the Hospital during an emergency. The kitchens were filled with squires assigned to prepare the morning and evening meals for both the Sisters and any residents of the infirmary. While the duty was primarily the responsibility of new recruits, several paladins took an active interest in the preparation of foodstuffs. Another building housed the order’s warhorses and pack animals alongside a small collection of farm animals raised for their produce (or their meat). The most striking building in the Eastern Half was the Armory. Squires and paladins kept and cared for their own equipment in their dormitory rooms, but the Sisters kept a vast arsenal of weapons, armor, and equipment on hand in the case of dire circumstances. Attached to the armory was a warren of workshops for the armor and weapon smiths, blacksmiths, and the more production inclined members of the order.

The Western Half housed the dormitories of the Sisters and their famous Infirmary. With the unexpected influx of resources after their near-destruction, the Sisters of Mercy had expanded their chapter house in Aelyria Prime to serve as their headquarters. Each paladin and squire shared a small room furnished with only the simplest of furniture and still there was room for a full three hundred full members. The dormitory buildings were arranged in a rectangle around a pleasant garden filled with flowers and trees. Next to the living quarters stood the hallmark of the order: the infirmary. The airy halls and rooms contained beds enough for a hundred fifty patients. In a case of an emergency, over twice that number could be squeezed into the room. The facility also boasted surgery and birthing rooms, rooms filled with every imaginable herb, and a nearly endless supply of bandages, basins, and other disposable items. Every Sister, from the newest Squire to the Grandmistress, practiced their healing craft in the infirmary or the nearby Hospital. As patients were generally not allowed to wander the grounds, the small garden in the Infirmary provided sunlight and fresh air.

Directly in front of the gatehouse stood the namesake of the compound: the Basilica of St. Ophelia. The stone building was as majestic as it was functional. Amongst the beautiful stonework and statues of its exterior were dozens of arrow slits. Entrance into the foyer required passage through a long hallway lined with portcullis and murder holes. Those granted the great honor of entering the holy chapel spoke in hush whispered of its morbid beauty. In form and function, it resembled very much the chapel of a normal order of paladins. Pews allowed the entirety of the order to gather for worship services to Diana, their patron guardian. Stained glass windows allowed the light of day to illuminate the dark, cold interior. Doors on either side of the chapel allow entry into the library wings attached on each side of the chapel. But instead of gold and silver, the trappings of the Sisters of Mercy were forged from cold iron. Even the majestic visage of the winged Aelyrian goddess was cast from black steel. Banners bearing the winged Aetherpike atop the ornate shield hung from the roofs and the walls. They were truly majestic in their own right, but still paled in comparison to another feature. Skulls and bones of past members lined the walls of the chapels and filled the catacombs beneath. The near destruction of the Sisters of Mercy in the defense of Diana had forced the order to consolidate itself at a single location. Bodies of past members were exhumed and lovingly arranged on the walls. The bones of the recently fallen occupied a place of special honor around the pulpit and the flicking eternal flame lit in their memory.

Visitors attempting to gain entrance to the Priory of St. Ophelia will be stopped and questioned by one of the paladins guarding the gates. After establishing their purpose, they will be escorted to their destination by another paladin. Curious interlopers are generally turned away whist those in need of medical attention are given the utmost attention.

Services and Goods
The Sisters of Mercy operate an infirmary that, at the very least, ranks equal to the Alyssa Chrysinaria Memorial Hospital. They will treat any petitioners free of charge, but will detain any obvious criminals until the Prefect can be contacted. In the very rare case that they lack the facilities or ability to handle an illness, the patient will be transferred to the Hospital.

While the Sisters are an order of Paladins and thus boast a number of mages, magical healing is generally reserved for life threatening injuries only. A broken leg, for instance, will result in a several cycle long convalescence and not an instant spell except in the rarest of circumstances.

Donations for care are gratefully accepted. Most of the order’s income comes from the Imperial and city governments in compensation for their charity work (and service in times of conflict).

The Sisters will barter or sell their goods to hospitals and healers, but will never ask for more than is necessary to cover material costs. Weapons and armor are never for sale. Conversely, the Sisters do make a large number of purchases to supply their armory and storehouses.

While the Sisters do not advertise their expertise in the persecution of all things Chaotic, they will offer aid to authorities and righteous individuals confronted with the forces of the Aeternians. Most of this aid comes in the form of information from their library or aid through their Church contacts. In very rare cases, when the leadership deems it appropriate, one or more Paladins may be dispatched to destroy menace.

Grandmistress Lily Yisabelle
Secrets :
Race & Gender: Medonian Human, Female
Age: 43 patterns.

Physical Description and Behavior: Grandmistress Lily Yisabelle hardly fulfils the popular stereotype of the leader of a righteous order of paladins. The highest ranking survivor of the old Sisters of Mercy stands at a fairly normal height though her frame is well muscled from a lifetime of training and warfare. Fate has set forth a hard, narrow path for the Grandmistress. Over nine-tenths of the order died defending Diana as well as all but one of her closest friends. Despite the hardship, she exudes an aura of peaceful contemplation. However, Lily has also directed the turn of her Sisters from their traditional role towards an unending crusade in the name of Diana. She hates all things Chaotic, but is also an immensely pragmatic leader.

History: Entered the Sisterhood at the age of 15. Served all over the Empire alongside guards, the legions, commoners, and even a brief trip aboard a naval vessel. Rose to level of Chapter Master before the Sister’s near destruction at the hands of Lilienna Sarista’s army. Has lead the Sisters as the Grandmistress for nine patterns.

Master Thaumaturgy
Master Healing
Elite Longsword and Shield
Elite Spear

By far the most experienced warrior. Gifted tactician and strategist.

Items of note:
Ornate armor decorated in the gold and black of the old Order

Can this character be used by players in self-moderation or training situations? Character can be used for squires and paladins training in arcana. Please contact the moderator if you wish to use her in a self-/peer-moderated social thread. For business (healing or smiting), please contact the GM.

Chaplain Teresa DiMyer
Secrets :
Race & Gender: Medonian Human, Female
Age: 42 patterns.

Physical Description and Behavior: Chaplain Teresa Dimyer entered the service of Diana almost at the same time as the Grandmistress. They were fast friends long before the near extinction of the Sisters of Mercy, serving in at least two major campaigns side-by-side and living in the same priory. She is one of the smaller sisters, but more than capable of wielding her weapons of choice in battle. Has long blond hair, often tied in a bun.

History: Unlike her friend, Teresa preferred the art of healing to the ways of war. She was attached to the field hospital of another paladin order during the battle. Still feels residual guilt at standing apart from her Sisters during the battle.

Journeyman Thaumaturgy
Sage of Healing
Elite Axe and Shield
Professional Claymore
Nearly thirty years of experience with weapons and warfare.

Items of note:
Soulblade (in the form of a war axe)
Ornate armor.

Can this character be used by players in self-moderation or training situations? Character can be used for squires and paladins training in healing. Please contact the moderator if you wish to use her in a self-/peer-moderated social thread. For business (healing or smiting), please contact the GM.

Chaplain Selene Le’synstral
Secrets :
Race & Gender: Sil’rosian Elf, Female
Age: 400 patterns.

Physical Description and Behavior: Chaplain Selene Le’synstra joined the Sisters of Mercy nearly a hundred years before the Year of Sorrows. Unlike her fellow chaplains, she prefers leaving her long black hair hanging loose. Selene is first and foremost a scholar and manages the Priory’s ledgers and libraries. Fiscal inquiries are largely directed to her attention.

History: Selene was a druid in her native home of Sil’rosia until a feud between her family and a small minor house erupted into bloodshed. Disgusted by the perceived injustice of her home city, she left to join the Sisters of Mercy. During the defense of Diana, she was severely wounded and still walks with a limp.

Journeyman Druidism
Sage of Herbalism
Elite Elvish Longsword and Shield
Professional Spear

Items of note:
Heirloom katana.
Ornate armor.

Can this character be used by players in self-moderation or training situations? Character can be used for squires and paladins training in herbalism. (But please contact the GM first!) Please contact the moderator if you wish to use her in a self-/peer-moderated social thread. For business (healing or smiting), please contact the GM.

Chaplain Kris Lain
Secrets :
Race & Gender: Jaedaxian Human, Female
Age: 35 patterns.

Physical Description and Behavior: Chaplain Kris Lain was born into the Sisters of Mercy. Her service to the order has always been exemplary. However, the sheer scale of casualties incurred whist defending Diana have both saddened and enraged the Chaplain. She is the most hot-headed of the officers, and often advocates a greater public profile in the pursuit of evildoers. She keeps her blond hair trimmed very close to her skull.

History: Chaplain Kris Lain was leading a lance of paladins to relieve a forward triage station when a magical barrage caused massive casualties among her order. She was instrumental in rallying the survivors and recovering many severely injured paladins.

Journeyman Thaumaturgy
Master Healing
Elite warhammer and Shield
Professional glaive

Items of note:
Soulblade (in the form of a warhammer)
Ornate armor.

Can this character be used by players in self-moderation or training situations? Character can be used for squires and paladins training in healing or weapons. Please contact the moderator if you wish to use her in a self-/peer-moderated social thread. For business (healing or smiting), please contact the GM.

Chaplain Isabelle Medicis
Secrets :
Race & Gender: Medonian Human, Female
Age: 33 patterns.

Physical Description and Behavior: Chaplain Isabelle is the youngest of the officers of the Sisters of Mercy, and maintains an appropriate physique. She is a skilled equestrian and often commands the cavalry during large-scale deployments. Her demeanor is best described as cold. Amongst an order known for their uncompromising persecution of evil, she has a reputation as a particularly hard interrogator.

History: Isabelle was the sixth child of a nobleman in Nexus Prime. After her fifteenth birthday, she was forced to join a chapter house the Sisters of Mercy maintained in Imperia. The early exposure to the cruelties humanity was capable of inflicting upon itself hardened her heart. Isabelle was also badly wounded during the destruction of the Order and suffers nearly constant pain in her back.

Journeyman Thaumaturgy
Master Healing
Elite Longsword and Shield
Professional Hablard

Items of note:
Ornate armor.

Can this character be used by players in self-moderation or training situations? Character can be used for squires and paladins training in healing. Please contact the moderator if you wish to use her in a self-/peer-moderated social thread. For business (healing or smiting), please contact the GM.

Paladin Christina Le’beau
Secrets :
Race & Gender: Medonian Human, Female
Age: 24 patterns.

Physical Description and Behavior: Christina Le’beau possesses a beauty more often found amongst trophy wives than seasoned warriors. She is a kind and caring woman during the pursuit of her more public duties, and deeply devoted to the principles of Mercy, Order, and Law. However, she has to her credit slain or burned nearly half a dozen necromancers.

History: Christine was a squire during the battle for Diana. Her promotion came quickly following the battle as the order struggled to rebuild and, as such, she considers herself a member of the ‘post-Year of Sorrows’ generation.

Apprentice Thaumaturgy
Journeyman Healing
Professional Longsword and Shield
Elite Claymore

Items of note:
Ornate armor.

Can this character be used by players in self-moderation or training situations? Character can be used for squires and paladins training in healing or arms. Please contact the moderator if you wish to use her in a self-/peer-moderated social thread. For business (healing or smiting), please contact the GM.

Note: This profile is intended to portray a ‘normal’ member of the Sisters of Mercy. Some of the older members may (in theory) be as seasoned as skilled as an officer. Conversely, many of the newer paladins are somewhat less experienced.

Secrets :
District: Student Quarter
Parish: Windibreeze
Type of Location: Hospital & Priory
Notability of Location: Common Knowledge
Training/Employment Opportunities: Not for the public at large. Accepting and recruiting new members.
Can the location be self moderated? By Permission Only. Please consider poking a PC member to peer-mod. ^^;
Credit: Cosette St. Pierre, all the people who commented.

Information on the Sisters of Mercy
Secrets :
The Sisters of Mercy

Overview: The Sisters of Mercy inhabit a small chapterhouse near the Windibreeze Cathedral. Their history contains great tales of their exploits providing medical aid and last rites during battles and natural disasters as far back as the founding of the Third Empire.

Primary Deity: Diana

Philosphy: We're good, not nice.

Symbol: Winged pike on top of an ornate shield. Colors were formally gold and black, now red and black. Only the Grandmistress still uses the old colors.

Schism: The Sisters of Mercy remained officially neutral during the Schism, though grudges towards the leadership of Aerienna Sarista remain.

Politics: Pro-empire, but heavily critical of percieved failures ascribed to Aeternian manipulation.

Location: The Priory of the Sisters of Mercy sits halfway between the Windibreeze Cathedral and the Alyssa Chrysinaria Memorial Hospital. Recent events in the Order’s history have lead to the expansion of the compound to encompass an entire city block. Facilities include many of the usual structures used by a militaristic order:
  • Chapel dedicated to Diana. Due to recent events in their history, the skulls of deceased members line the walls of the chapel and the catacombs that lie beneath. The ambiance of the chapel is largely described as somber and melancholy. Furnishings are crafted from stone and iron, rather than gold.
  • Dormitories for members of the order.
  • Armory and attached workshops.
  • Library. Beneath the new wing of the library lies a number of empty cells. Their use remains to be seen…
  • Treasury.
  • Training grounds.
  • Kitchens and small gardens. Due to the small size of the order, a great deal of their vegetables is grown within their compound.
  • Multiple wells.
  • Stables.
  • Infirmary. While the Sisters of Mercy regularly work in the Hospital, the order maintains a large infirmary for emergencies (or simply for charity patients.)
The compound is surrounded by high stone walls designed to provide adequate protection in the case of civil unrest. Entrance to the compound is gained via a heavily guarded gatehouse.

Resources: The Sisters of Mercy are, paradoxically, a fairly rich order of Paladins. After the near eradication of their order, the Sisters faced a crippling shortage of paladins and squires to keep their far-flung chapter houses functioning. Rather than waste precious resources, the Grand Master sold or bartered away the empty chapter houses to other orders or private citizens. The money thus generated has thus far been spent on expanding the order’s headquarters in Aelyria Prime and the training/outfitting of new members.

Paladins receive a (very) small weekly stipend for necessities usually around 5-10 crowns a cycle. Larger purchases require the approval of the chaplain in charge of the treasury. Traveling/questing stipends are decided on a case-by-case basis. Large purchases for the good of the order are decided by the agreement of the lance or (in the case of very large purchases) the chaplains.

Equipment is provided by the armory, though paladins and officers are allowed to purchase/procure their own equipment. (Generally from sponsorship of family.)

If the paladin earns any money in the course of their travels (or through rewards for their actions in the pursuit of evil do-ers), ninety percent of the reward must be donated to the order.

Recruiting: The Sisters of Mercy are an entirely female order of paladins. New members are recruited from generally middle-high class girls. Marriage is generally frowned upon, but it is not unheard of for a paladin to conceive. Children in this case are either raised in the order (in the case of female babies) or sent to other orders (in the case of boys).

That said, their desperate situation has lead to their acceptance of aid from unconventional quarters. The few male instructors are generally members of larger Orders on temporary loan.

Goals: While the Sisters of Mercy still serve as healers and combat medics, the core purpose of their order has changed dramatically. The order faced extinction during the attack on Diana in 4 PF lead by Lilienna Sarista with only a single chapter master and a handful of other paladins surviving. The remaining members have since become far more militant, to the point of being accused of fanaticism in their prosecution of the agents of Aeternia. Their members believe that the Empire is tainted by the corruption of Chaos, and must be cleansed by flame and sword.

Membership: The small membership of the Sisters of Mercy (in comparison to other orders) has lead to the abolition of many traditional offices and a general re-organization.

Grandmistress Lily Ysablle
+Master Thaumaturgy
+Advanced Healing
+Elite Longsword and Shield
Grandmaster Lily Ysabelle was the only Chapter Master who survived the aforementioned battle. In the years following the disaster, the human woman has taken upon herself the responsibility of re-building the order. Her faith remains unshaken despite the disaster, though her view of the Empire has grown gradually more dire as the years have progressed.

Chaplains x4
+Journeyman Thaumaturgy (There is, however, one druid.)
+Elite weapon.
+Journeyman Healing (Varying skill levels.)
The remaining chaplains are all survivors of old Sisters of Mercy. They take an active role in coordinating the training of new members, overseeing deployment of paladins on missions of mercy (or righteous vengeance), and tending to the flock. Each heads a lance of paladins.

Paladins x77
+Apprentice Thaumaturgy (If applicable. Those without arcane affinity generally spend more time studying arms or healing. Roughly 25% of paladins actually practice arcana.)
+Professional Arms
+Journeyman Healing
The paladins of the Sisters of Mercy are now roughly split between older members and inductees recruited after the battle. They are organized into ‘lances’ of roughly equal paladins though few actually specialize in mounted warfare. Unlike some other orders, the Sisters of Mercy train extensively with their lances. Elevation to the rank of Paladin requires a period of questing culminating in the uncovering and purging of worshipers of Aeternia.

Squires x 30
The tradition of the Sisters of Mercy is to have exactly one squire for each paladin. Officers are not required to take a squire, though they take an active role in the education of squires. Chaplains see to religious instruction while the Grandmaster (largely) teaches Thaumaturgy herself. Squires are responsible for serving as nurses, cooks, and servants for their mentor.

  • It’s occasionally whispered that the Sisters of Mercy pursue the servants of Aeternia with excessive force and a distinct lack of mercy. Most citizens would, however, dismiss this allegation as slanderous and of particularly bad taste due to the Order’s good works. (Reality: They aren't just as brutal as rumors suggest; they can be downright nasty when it serves their purpose. They are, however, very smart about not allowing witnesses. These are not your mother's paladins. :<)
  • The Sisters of Mercy possessed a particularly holy artifact prior to their destruction. No one outside the order knows of the fate of the artifact, and the paladins are sworn to secrecy on the matter. (Reality: There is such an artifact. Details left for a mod at later date.)
  • The lion’s share of casualties at Diana came at the hands of necromancers and mages. While the Grandmaster takes some role in the arcane academy in Prime, the Sisters of Mercy are very suspicious of outside mages. (Reality: Generally true, but the Sisters are pragmatic.)
  • "The Sisters don't like men. And the squires and their mentors are very, very, very...close." (Reality: See public reaction to first secret. As for truth, wouldn't you like to find out? ^^)


The Sisters of Mercy were never a particularly popular order of paladins. The demands they place upon their members are strict and uncompromising. Members can only leave the order through retirement or transfer to another Order. Transfers require the blessings of both Grandmasters. Severely injured or old paladins are given the option to retire to a nunnery or service as a priestess. Sisters largely eschew physical possessions except equipment in the pursuit of righteous vengeance. The combination of poverty and a lifetime of service is not particularly attractive to the middle and upper class families from which the order used to recruit. After their near destruction, recruiting has become far more difficult owing to their loss of senior members.

New members must demonstrate either a reasonably wealthy background (for reasons of health and political savy) or blessings from another Paladin order. They must be physically fit, willing to serve, and sound of mind and spirit. Previous experience with arms and arcana is not required.

Squires are introduced to every aspect of the Sisters of Mercy: healing the sick, revering the goddess Diana, and the tragic history of the order. Each new squire is assigned a Sister as a mentor. Due to the loss of membership, training is largely conducted by the experience of mentor. Some prefer training in one discipline at a time whist others prefer a broader education. Arcana unbinding is conducted by the Grandmistress when the squire takes her first rites. Those with an aptitude for arcana study further with the Grandmistress or, very rarely, a visiting Master Thaumaturge.

Equipment is supplied on the whim (and inclination) of the mentor. There is no requirement for the type of arms the student trains in, but since the mentor serves as the primary instructor squires usually have little choice in the matter. Squires are also taught to fight in groups alongside their Paladins in the case of extreme emergencies.

Most mentors prefer to pass on their knowledge of battlefield medicine to their squires. Some prefer letting squires take lessons in the hospital, while others allow their squires to pursue related trades (such as herbalism or, very rarely, alchemy). The blacksmiths and armor/weapon crafters normally take an apprentice. In these rare cases, the squires are freed from their obligation to practice medicine. All squires are required to work as nurses and orderlies either in the Hospital or the infirmary.

The Grandmistress, as mentioned before, oversees arcana training personally. Students with an arcane aptitude are expected to practice every brightening.

Requirements to embark on their quest:
Apprentice Thaumaturgy (If PC is arcana inclined.)
Professional Arms (Skill in other weapons are encouraged and often part of the cirriculum.)
Journeyman Healing (Or other trade skill.)

Example Equipment @ end of training:
Axe and shield.
Field plate. (Unadorned.)
Healing kit.

When the lance considers a squire ready for full membership, the Squire is required to leave the priory for a period of no less than three months. (Squires are allowed to leave earlier in the training with the approval of their mentors.) A stipend and equipment are provided. The candidate must uncover evidence of serious Aeternian corruption and purge the disease.


Training does not end with ascension to the rank of full paladin. They are expected to further train themselves in the arts of war and healing. However, full paladins have a great deal more freedom in the direction of their training. They can pursue other trade skills with the approval of their Chaplain, or seek training from an outside instructor in arms or arcana. New paladins are generally given a few months to acclimate before being assigned a squire (if available).

Upon their ascension, the paladin is presented with a suit of ornate and custom-made plate armor. The paladin works with the armorsmith to choose the motifs and embossment on their armor. Religious symbols are common, though many of the new paladins include more morbid imagery to show their dedication towards the cleansing of chaos.

Paladins are expected to take an active role in their lance and assist in the normal operations of the Sisters of Mercy. While they are not expected to always remain in Aelyria Prime, the Guildmistress prefers that paladins (particularly with squires) spend the majority of their time in the priory.


Sisters are appointed to higher positions for a lifetime. As the Sisters grow, the Guildmistress may expand the ranks of officers. The generally large sizes of the lances have already caused rumors that the Chaplains are scouting for a new addition to their ranks.

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Ring Preparing for War.

Timestamp: Imperial Brightening, 9 Kalendryas, Winter in the Second Era of the Regency of Milo L'Evienne

A cencoris of the Imperial Marines personally delivered the following missive, addressed individually and appropriately, secured by a crimson wax sigil of the Imperial Warbird wreathed in laurels of victory, bearing a baton, surmounting a crossed sword and a quill - the seal of the Imperial Ministry of War. He was in a very serious mien despite the festive environment, clad in full dress as he was.


To the Sisters of Mercy
Priory of St. Ophelia
Aelyria Prime, Principality of Prime

Personal and Confidential.

Secrets :

Imperial Ministry of War,
9th Kalendryas, in the Second Era of the Reign of the Regent, His Most Imperial Excellency the Lord L'Evienne.

Dear Sister,

Greetings from the Imperial Ministry of War!

I am afraid that I bring rather shocking news.

War has been declared in the Sherian. As distressing as this news may seem, I do beseech you in the name of Ioannes, Diana, and Markalin to make ready such space and staff as your institution may be able to spare for the expected casualties from Taralon and the Narim campaign. The Imperial Ministry of War will stand as guarantor to any fees or costs incurred in the course of treating any injured member of the Imperial Legions, Navy, Marines or its auxiliaries, or in the deployment of any of your brethren.

Any further assistance you may be able to spare will be received most gratefully by your brothers and sisters in arms. In the name of His Most Imperial Excellency the Imperial Regent and the Empire, I give my most profound gratitude.

Should further details be necessary, I am sure that the relevant details may be worked out between our respective subordinates. Please feel free to contact the Imperial Ministry of War for any questions or clarifications.

Fair winds always,

Alexis Sapientia
Imperial Minister of War and Imperial Admiral.

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6/21/2015 - Weekend posting.

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