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The Ties That Bind Us....[Private, Dante]

1st of Tempris, Autumn, Era XVIII Post fractum

The Eclipse now over, Niven wasn't sure what to think. The whole thing just seemed surreal.

When it started the elf had been outside playing in the garden with the youngest Asunder child. She'd had to blink her green eyes more then a few times as the sky itself tore open, revealing the happenings in the celestial world. Not entirely sure what was going on, Niven had instructed the nanny to take the boy inside. Whatever this was, it was nothing a child needed to see.

As the breeze blew about Niven's blond hair and brown skirts, she watched the sky as the battle unfolded beside her little Treant. There was no denying that the gods existed anymore. No longer could the elf remain agnostic. They were there.

The elf had noted the absence of Carmelya in the majority of the fighting. Niven watched with pride as Diana stepped up and then with horror as she turned into something no one could ever imagine. This was not the goddess that Dante taught her about. The scream that came from the holy queen chilled Niven's blood and never before had she been more afraid. Her delicate pointed ears had never heard such a sound before and she hoped with everything that was within her that she never would again.

When she revealed herself again, the beautiful goddess of Mercy was no longer that. She was a horrid, vile goddess of Justice. And it all went down hill from there. It was only moments later her wings were torn off and then she was gone. Niven could hardly believe her eyes. 'Diana...' she thought, her mind racing '....Diana is gone!' A creamy white hand flew up to cover the elf's mouth as her jade eyes stared at the sky in disbelief.

Niven's next thought was for Dante.

The love of her life was devoted to his goddess. In fact he was on a mission, commissioned by her church, at this very moment. Niven didn't know what to think. What did this mean? What would Dante say? What would he do? The elf's mind was reeling. Dante was away and his patron goddess was gone. She couldn't comfort him until he was home and there was no telling when that might be. Or even if it would be.

Anxiety gripped her. Was this what Dante had gone to prevent? And did this mean that he had failed? Was he dead? Was she now solely responsible for the family he left behind? Niven fought panic. It was very possible in the past candlemark her entire world had shattered. Was this the end of her happiness?

There was only one person on Telath who could answer her questions and calm her fears. Niven wished with all her heart that he was with her right now...


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