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The Legion Cleans Up

"Man, I'm happy the legion are back. This huge thing came crashing into the Plains some time back and they were there just a few days later. Keeping people safe and back and all. There were fires and everything that thing might have spread and enveloped the entirety of the Carmelyn Plains if they hadn't been there. Instead, they came in, cleaned the entire thing up and left again. Class act the legion."

"What? No way. Listen, I was in the legion, back before they reorganised and everything. Look. I served my term, okay. I'm not a deserter or anything. It's just, there are no legions in Northumbria. There hasn't been for ages."

"Don't know what to tell you, man. They had uniforms and everything. Even had some documents and stuff. Proving that they were acting by direct order of General something or other that they were to sort this out and then return to Aelyria Prime."

"Did you see those documents?"

"Well... no... but my cousin Jalop did and he swears they looked very legit."

"Bullwiddle. Your cousin still thinks Schola is a soft drink."

"You say that to my face you little...."
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