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[Trysvale] Red and Green (Hadoc)

Trysvale Market

Sima was on his way back to Jaedaxia and decided to pass by Trysvale's market place. He was there to check on spices or other ingredients that he can use for 'an exciting new recipe'.

It was almost the end of winter, the snow was getting thinner as it starts to slowly thaw but it was still very cold. Sima wears thick warm clothes to counter the weather. Days like this, he thought of just staying at home to make some soup or warm chocolate drinks.

Trysvale probably has a wider array of herbs and crops compared to the market in Jaedaxia since it was home to druids and was very close to the forest. Sima can smell a lot of it as he walked down the place browsing goods but somehow he couldn't really choose what to purchase.

He stepped aside as to avoid getting hit by the big nobs and wagons. He stopped to think and maybe to find that 'smell' that his soul is searching and found one strange smell in the crowd that is slowly fading.

It was a familiar stench, subtle but for gnomes like Sima it was just horrible. It reminded him of a pile of corpses in Arakmat or the sewers of Imperia. Despite that, Sima still followed the smell. It lead him through some narrow alleyways, narrow even for a gnome. He bumped with a couple of big nobs.

Soon as the smell disappeared was when Sima realized he was already a couple of steps inside the forest where the smell of other stuff are more powerful than that which he was chasing.

Should I continue? He asked himself as he gaze at the path deeper into the forest.
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As Pengarth wondered through the market looking to buy a leg of ham to cure, he couldn't help noticing a Gnome scurrying from one stall to another. There didn't seem anything odd about this at first, until he saw him occasionally stopping in his tracks, sniffing, and then turning to head in the opposite direction. "What is this curious fellow up to?" Almost as soon as Pengarth started observing his movements, he watched as he had a sudden look of resolution on his face, before darting off in the direction of the forest. "How odd..."
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