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[Sea of Diana] Shiver Me Timbers!

Era XXV Early Winter

Gambling was a favored pass time on board the Broken King, as it was on many nautical vessels. As they were pirates, the crew of this particular vessel found themselves gambling more often than they probably should have been. Cards were not viable on the often wet environment of a ship, so Liar's Dice was the preferred game at sea. Many nights and days were spent among the crew rolling dice, winning and losing all of their hard-earned pay. This was the situation Seph was currently in under the deck of the Broken King.

Seph had his hand over his dice-cup and was shaking it with a mischievous grin on his face. The other four around the cabin mirrored the same movement. "Down!" Seph called out and the five of them slammed their dice-filled cups onto the wooden planks. Giving each other suspicious glances, everyone tilted their cups up so they could see the results of their rolls. Seph quickly glanced at his results (two 6's, two 3's, and a 1) and then began studying the faces of his mates. A little nose twitch here, a little tick in his hands, anything could reveal whether a good or bad hand was under their cups. "Three sixes." And he tossed five copper swords in the middle of the table.

It started with Seph and went clockwise, everyone raising the pot a bit more. He had been playing countless games with these people for a decade, but even as he knew their ticks, they knew his in turn. "Six threes." It was back to Seph once again and the pot was up to seventy-two swords. He looked to the man on his right, Brach, a well-meaning but less than intelligent half-orc. His eyes narrowed. "Yer lyin' aren't ye, Brach? Show yer hand, liar!" On Seph's call, all of the players lifted their cups.
Let's jump on board, and cut them to pieces.

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The crew off duty on the berth deck were a varied bunch. Sitting in a circle on the floor amidst the hammocks that were hung from ash poles inserted into sockets in the wooden deck overhead were the Trelorian and his shipmates: Brach the half-orc, Krinn the halfling, Feron the human, and Ophani the Medonian elfess.

The pot was sizeable and all eyes turned to Brach as Seph challenged his bet. The half-orc shrugged with a smirk and then lifted his cup in unison with the others. Four under his cup alone. Ten eyes scanned the other dice on the deck to find another two. There was only one other. “Fething Jorel and his demon minions!” The half-orc spat as the others laughed. He took one of his dice and slipped it into his pocket. Leaving him with only three. Krinn had 4 left, Freon two, and Seph and Ophani both had their 5.

“All hands on deck!”
Bellowed a deep booming voice from above. The four pirates scrambled to their feet, stuffing their winnings into their pockets and running for the stairs to the main deck where Captain Sarkin was busy shouting orders as dark clouds moved quickly towards them in the sky.


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