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Magic Wand [Dolwoods]The Staff of a mage - Stage 1{Sima}

TimeStamp - 1st Lunaria, Melora - Winter ERA XXV PF


The air was damp and cold. It was the sort of cold that seeped through to the bones, and didnít stop there, making sure that every bit of the body knew it was cold. The region of the Dolwoods had reportedly been transformed into a form of crystalline structures, and this cold just added to the situation, where ice crystals formed to make the place look as if the whole place were massive icicles.

Into this environment came Daffydd. It was said that those who willingly entered this area were not to be found of sound mind, but in truth Daffydd had wanted to come to this place for a while. The reports of the dark magic the forest contained was not a deterrent for him, if anything it was this dark magic that drew him to the place. His inner link to the plane of entropic energy sort of was a constant itch that as he approached the area began to vibrate, causing an effective resonance to occur between him and the energies that surrounded and filled the place. Was Daffydd scared of the rumours about what could happen? You bet your butt he was, but the excitement was far more overpowering than the nerves that he felt.

Why had he come to this place? He had become a journeyman level mage, and as such needed a staff of augmentation, to enable him to cast some of the spells that were available to this, and subsequent levels of his arcanic plane. The dark magic of this place was ideal for his staff. Getting an enchanted tree to allow him to request and power the tree to produce a staff was rumoured to be hard, but in this place Daffydd knew it was going to be tough. So he had his backpack, filled with two cycles of rations, he had his trusted Halberd, and bow, to protect him, and he had purchased some warm winter clothing to keep himself a little warmer than his usual apparel would have done. All his clothing, as usual were black, but that really didnít work here as he sort of was the darkest thing here. In reality Daffydd didnít mind, his purpose was simple, and to his mind, was something he would endure no matter what was thrown at him, figuratively speaking. So he entered this place of dark magic, looking for a tree that was willing to be persuaded to give him a staff.
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