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Icefyre June 12, 2018 12:32 PM

[Dolwoods]The Staff of a mage - Stage 1{Sima}
TimeStamp - 1st Lunaria, Melora - Winter ERA XXV PF


The air was damp and cold. It was the sort of cold that seeped through to the bones, and didnít stop there, making sure that every bit of the body knew it was cold. The region of the Dolwoods had reportedly been transformed into a form of crystalline structures, and this cold just added to the situation, where ice crystals formed to make the place look as if the whole place were massive icicles.

Into this environment came Daffydd. It was said that those who willingly entered this area were not to be found of sound mind, but in truth Daffydd had wanted to come to this place for a while. The reports of the dark magic the forest contained was not a deterrent for him, if anything it was this dark magic that drew him to the place. His inner link to the plane of entropic energy sort of was a constant itch that as he approached the area began to vibrate, causing an effective resonance to occur between him and the energies that surrounded and filled the place. Was Daffydd scared of the rumours about what could happen? You bet your butt he was, but the excitement was far more overpowering than the nerves that he felt.

Why had he come to this place? He had become a journeyman level mage, and as such needed a staff of augmentation, to enable him to cast some of the spells that were available to this, and subsequent levels of his arcanic plane. The dark magic of this place was ideal for his staff. Getting an enchanted tree to allow him to request and power the tree to produce a staff was rumoured to be hard, but in this place Daffydd knew it was going to be tough. So he had his backpack, filled with two cycles of rations, he had his trusted Halberd, and bow, to protect him, and he had purchased some warm winter clothing to keep himself a little warmer than his usual apparel would have done. All his clothing, as usual were black, but that really didnít work here as he sort of was the darkest thing here. In reality Daffydd didnít mind, his purpose was simple, and to his mind, was something he would endure no matter what was thrown at him, figuratively speaking. So he entered this place of dark magic, looking for a tree that was willing to be persuaded to give him a staff.

Sima Amarael June 27, 2018 10:46 AM

Weather: It wasn't snowing and there was no blizzard, gray clouds cover the sky. Cold? It was freezing. Not many species would survive in this condition. The human necromancer might, but the cold pierces easily, or rather abnormally, through his layers of winter garments.

Terrain: It was 'icy' indeed, other than that, trees with skeleton like branches dancing with the wind and some large rocks in various shapes are scattered all over the place. The floor's covered by some snow. There were frozen puddles, adventurers should take extra caution with their steps.

Ahead: There's a small clearing with a fallen tree in the middle and there's a faint sound of what seems to be a cry or a laugh coming from there. Daffyd won't know unless he comes closer.

Around: There are no signs of life but the wind and trees make strange sounds like howling and cracking bones.

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Icefyre June 27, 2018 01:03 PM

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Daffydd looked around. It was cold. But cold was relative, in terms of what he was feeling it could be much worse, he could be a block of ice. It was may be a bit fool hardy to come to this place to look for his staff but it was his decision to do this, so Daffydd only had himself to blame. Daffydd moved through the forest, the floor covered with the detritus of the fallen leaves, and deadened undergrowth, frozen, and crackling under his feet pressing into them. The normal smell of decay, and the mulch on the ground all were suppressed by the sharpness of the cold air that now blew through the trees causing the sounds of branches hitting against each other, as if the trees themselves were sword fighting with the crashes of branches, and twigs their weapons.

The terrain was rocky, and was a little slippery, with ice covering puddles that would normally be a lesser problem of getting a person’s feet wet. Daffydd’s steps were cautious and slow but his progress was methodical and he was nearly enjoying the quiet, and the beauty of the surroundings, for even in their winter conditions, there was a mystic beauty to the way the trees were formed. The breeze caused a few creaks, and soft whistles as it passed through the tree branches. Daffydd then heard another sound in the near distance. Was that someone crying? Or laughing? It was hard to tell. There was a tree that had fallen in the clearing. That was not unusual in a forest of this size, it was bound to happen, but there was something that maybe was causing the someone, or something, to make the noises that he was hearing from that area. So Daffydd, being already somewhat cautious in his movements, began to move slowly towards the clearing. He kept his Halberd in hand now, just in case. Because there was a bit of a niggle that laughing at a fallen tree maybe wasn’t a good thing. He would find out soon enough.

Sima Amarael June 28, 2018 03:32 AM

Walking on a slippery terrain with a halberd on a cold weather proved to be quite a challenge as there were a few times when Daffyd almost slipped and impaled himself.

The howling of the wind grew louder but surprisingly the wind itself was not blowing stronger. The dancing of the trees was also abnormal in this part of the Dolwoods, it was as if their movement were against the wind instead of being caused by it.

As he approached the clearing, the crying/laughing became louder. Then it stopped.

Ahead: On the fallen tree, a warning was carved. "Do not go beyond this point". There's a bloody cape beneath the tree.

Further ahead: There's a path that leads deeper into the Dolwoods. It was darker and denser there. There was another path that somehow leads up, it must be a hill.

Around: It may just be due to the cold weather and Daffyd's imagination, the trees seemed like they were 'looking' at him.

Icefyre June 30, 2018 12:58 PM

Daffydd’s movements, slow, methodical, careful allowed him to get to the clearing. As he approached the sounds increase in intensity, making the forest around him become something of an echo point. The trees seemed to be moving with far more ferocity that the mild winter wind would have caused them to do, the continuous sword fighting of the branches of the adjacent trees was increasing as well. As he reached the clearing all the sounds stopped.

The sight that he came to now was a bit weird. A cloak with blood stains was under the trunk. The words carved into the bark giving a pleasant message to not go beyond this point in the path. Daffydd looked around. If there was evidence of the person that owned the cloak was still there, he would try to see if there was any identification available to see who this person was. If there was chance that the cloak was not caught under the tree itself Daffydd would see if there was any markings or identification in any pockets, if there were any. If there were any tools, or anything else left by the person then he would look to use these as the victim was no longer able to do so.

So after checking this out Daffydd would look to check what else was around he area. One thing was certain, there was a definite feeling that these trees were watching him. That in itself wasn’t to creepy. If they were trying to intimidate, to stop his progress, to make him think to turn back, the dark side of this forest should be able to feel his intensions. He wasn’t here to destroy, he wasn’t here to harm. The same type of power that ‘fed’ this forest was running through Daffydd’s body. Daffydd felt linked to this place. He wasn’t afraid of the dark magic that ran through this place, because he really felt that it was this place that was calling him to find what he needed. If the dark magic here had tricked him then so be it, Daffydd knew deep down it was his task to follow this lead that the power within him was giving him. So was he going to heed to warning? He would certainly be more careful, but was it going to stop him? No it wasn’t. Dark magic, calling across the plane of entropic energy was Daffydd’s guide.

He looked at the trees. If there was one that looked more, ‘Open to discussion’ Than the others he would approach. If not he would speak in Basic his intensions whilst in the clearing, otherwise, he would approach the tree. He didnt know if this would work, but he was certainly willing to try this out. Assuming there was a tree, he would approach, cautiously, and placing both hands against the trunk he would enter into the plane of entropic energy, mixing with his internal vis he would create raw mana. There would be no spell, but as he would pass this power of his making into the tree he would pass this thought pattern through the power connection

”I offer this power freely, of my own freewill. If you can communicate with your fellow trees then let it be known I wish them, and you no harm. You own a power that has called to me. I in turn have a power I can give to you or a tree that is willing to aid me in my quest, as much of this power that will allow me to gain the object I am searching for. If you want to make my way hard, then that will be your choice, and I will understand this, but if just one of you or your brethren trees is willing then the benefits to that one from my power reserves will be all I can give for as many brightenings that it takes. If none are willing then I will pass on to look elsewhere, but I will bare you no ill will for one would not know what lays in our futures.”

These words were either spoken aloud or passed on via the power connection he was wanting to make. Hopefully Daffydd’s words spoken, or thought, would ease some of the feelings of these old trees that were around him at the clearing. Did he feel silly, no! Not one bit. Dark magic needed respect in all its forms, and this forest was renowned for being filled with it. So these words were given with respect to show that to his mind Daffydd’s intensions were pure, real, and dark in nature, and deed.

After giving of power, or just speaking his words Daffydd had only one path available as he could, or would see it. His way was always going to be to the darker side of things so the darker path was the one that he would look to take, unless something was to stop him.

Sima Amarael June 30, 2018 11:12 PM

Investigating the cape closer, Daffyd would find out that the blood stain was old. The cape must've been there for months. There's nothing else nearby, or they were probably looted already.

As for the trees, they are dead but if they understand the necromancer's call, Daffyd won't know. They'd keep on with their abnormal actions.

And so he chose the darker path. It turned out it wasn't dark there because of the density of trees, matter of fact the trees in this part are scarce. The hills are casting a shadow over this part of the forest, or was it collecting it?

Signs of destruction are in this dark path. It was not a straight rode due to the debris of parts of fallen trees and some large boulders blocking the way.

Deep in the darkness and the silence, Daffyd would hear the voice of a lady whisper into his ear... "You'll die if you go deeper."

Ahead: Signs of destruction of the forest are more visible. Deeper, a thick mist is covering what lies further ahead.

Behind:Where he was before was not visible from here.

Around: There's no sign of someone, there's no lady here. Around were just dead trees, debris, and darkness. No signs of fauna either. There has been no sign of life since Daffyd entered the edge of Dolwoods.

Icefyre July 9, 2018 03:45 PM

Daffydd heard the voice telling him his fate. To him that seemed a certain outcome of one of the many possibilities that lay before him now. The fact that he had not seen any lifeforms in the forest since entering didn’t really bother him that much, after all his decisions lately had become ‘darker’ in intent than when he first began his adventuring lifestyle. Death certainly was a part of his ‘makeup’ and he wasn’t afraid of the fact that at some point he would be the harbinger of the path to Jalat’s kingdom, with maybe Jorel helping his actions, but that was for sometime And place in the future candlemarks ahead. The mist was a bit of a puzzle though? Mist in this cold could either mean that the area he was heading towards was warmer, and allowed the water to evaporate to form the shroud that was before him, or there was some mysterious means by which the shroud of vapour was able to form. Daffydd would look at some of the debris around to see if there was any evidence of some form of means that would cause the trees, and plants to die. If there was something then he would look to go back in the direction he came.

Daffydd didn’t know which was the cause, and maybe the only way to find out was to continue forward towards the mist to then see what was maybe causing this shroud to be in place. If he was to get close and begin to feel effects of this mystery shroud, he would retreat and reassess the track he was heading on.

Sima Amarael July 9, 2018 06:53 PM

A couple of steps forward and a fast 'thwip', Icefyre finds himself stabbed and ripped open by an insect like monster from behind. His vision blurs and soon darkens as death comes to collect him...


He'd awaken to the sound of the wind and trees before he'd realize he was at the area with fallen tree and the bloodied cape. The footprints he made on the snow on his way to the darker part of the forest were gradually disappearing as if it was 'unhappening'.

The pain of getting cut open still lingers there it brought Daffyd down to his knees where he then noticed that the warning was gone and that the bloodied cape now has a naked body nearby.

A naked lady with long brown hair. Very pale skin, she died from that slash wound running down her back. Her face is buried on the snow. She must be dead for quite some time now, probably decomposing fast already if it wasn't winter.

Around: The dancing trees, you saw them clear and sharp but now their dancing branches are just blurry. The air's cold.

Ahead: It was blurry but somehow Daffyd felt like he saw an image of someone or felt that there was someone looking back at him from the darkness.

Behind: It doesn't look like the path he came in from before.

Icefyre July 23, 2018 05:42 PM

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”What the Feth”

Daffydd felt the attack. The pain was excruciating. He felt that he was losing himself to the darkness, but as he was attuned to the entropic plane he wasn’t affraid of his destiny. If it was that he should leave the material plane then so be it.

He awoke looking upon the naked body before him, the attack he had felt was now shown on the woman’s body, blood congealed around the wound edges, the lifeless body, Grey and still, a certain beauty in the death pose in which it lay. Daffydd looked around him. The trees were still there, but less defined than before. Images were a little cloudy, or maybe obscured, by his brains own reactions to what had just happened. He had trouble trying to come to terms with the acceptance of passing, to being brought back to reality on the material plane, and then the changes to the objects that had been before him. The cloak was gone, the trees were somehow changed, and... ”Who in Jalat’s name is that?.

Daffydd’s voice croaked as he called out ”Serale?”

Perhaps it was just his mind playing tricks on him? Perhaps not, for he was sure he had seen someone, or maybe something watching him. The cold air was beginning to bring him back to his senses. If there was something watching him then perhaps they were friendly, but then again, in this place? The odds were stacked against that idea, but so far he hadn’t been attacked, except for, from a mental perspective. Perhaps this one watching had some form of connection to mystism able to control what he was sensing? Daffydd didn’t know, or couldn’t tell if he was being controlled in anyway, but he was going to look to see if this being was real that he could just perceive in front of him.

He then realised he was on his knees in the snow and ice, which wasn’t a good thing as he was now damp from the knees down. Perhaps he’d make camp, or find some place he could settle to dry off later, but for now, the way back was not available, the way forward? He would find out. He stood and after brushing off any snow from his legs, he would look to head forward a few paces to see if the image of the ‘watcher’ would improve. The way ahead was dark, but that didn’t bother him, for he was a part of that darkness himself. He would look out towards where he had seen this being, if it wanted to make itself known then fine, if it blended back into the darkness, Daffydd would Take a couple of more steps forward, checking his surroundings as he would approach where he had seen his ‘watcher’.

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