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[Medonia] The Nature Musicorum

The Nature Musicorum

Along the main streets of the Unicorn Plaza stood the two-storey stone structure that was The Nature Musicorum. This forest green painted structure had a large gleaming window which allowed passerby to see what instruments the shop beholds. The name of the shop was carved into the heavy teak wood front door.

Entering the building, one could see the entire place. A wooden door with the sign ‘Workshop - Authorized Personnel Only’ was at the other end of the building, and in front of that door was a long table. There was another table set along the left-most wall, ready to be used for any customers who require custom instruments. Three cupboards filled with other walls, displaying the beautiful finished instruments.

Those who were granted into the workshop would see another door. A stout door leading to the alleyway, and a stairwell leading up and down. The workshop had the typical look of a instrument workshop. Two worktables on either side of the room, and onto of each worktable was a wallboard with saws, hammers and other tools.

The basement, if one were to head down, would see nothing out of the ordinary. Crates, chests, cupboards and other large storage utilities. Going up would lead the visitor to an empty place, ready to be renovated to something else in the future.

 All off-the-shelf instruments can be easily purchased at Sterling Wealth. Made to order instruments are given on a case by case basis. 

Staff of the Nature Musicorum
 Alphonsus The owner of the shop. Although he was the owner, he was rarely seen in the shop during the brightening candlemarks. He might appear to check the store, meet with clients or during his off-brightenings.

Fabricius Ennius A 6 foot tall handsome human with brown hair and eyes. He turned 22 as at Era XXIV, knew how to play the harp, and was learning how to make instruments. In the shop, he tended the store front when he was not making instruments.

Simon Domanos A 5'5 scrawny blonde with baby blue eye. He turned 18 as at Era XXIV, knew how to play the flute, and was learning how to make instruments. He handled most of the operation (administrative) task and instrument making, though he did tend to the store front half the time as well

Store Facts
Secrets :

Training: Yes. Ask to discover more.
Employment: Perhaps.

Important Threads Related to the shop
Starting Up

Other interesting tidbits
Simon Domanos is from a group known as Cadre and is there to assist in certain smuggling activities and to keep an eye out at Alphonsus. (This is an unknown fact to Alphonsus)


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