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Scroll [Medonia/Exposition] Alphonsus thoughts in Medonia

Secrets :
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Page of Content

Page 1: On the Nightingale Mansion
Page 2: On Law and On Cadre


Alphonsus had a mix feeling about what he had done. He was tricked by a Maestro La'tame into the Nightingale Mansion, where he was drugged so that the old Maestro might replace take his hands away. The maestro wanted to graft the elf's youthful hands into his own.

Alphonsus was helped by the butler in the house to escape, but instead of just escaping he had decided to turn to tide and arrest the maestro for illegal activities instead. A moment of slight insanity came at the very last moment when he saw the Maestro unconscious and ready for the grafting process. He had decided to put justice into his own hands and poison the maestro with what he found in the maestro's house. No doubt the maestro was going to use the same poison after Alphonsus was of no more value.

The aftermath of the event was a happy one, however. Alphonsus had the accomplices arrested, blamed the maestro's death on improper use of drugs and met the the maestro's wanderlust son. Long story short, the son had knew his father had gone weird in the last few eras and decided to preserve the legacy of his father's musical talent by allowing Alphonsus to host performance, train student and allow people within Alphonsus' group to stay while they were in Medonia.

PC Performers

Illana Jidiao - Aelyria (L1 Dancing)
[In Medonia: Early Ioannes Onwards] ~ Payment by %age of performance taking

NPC Performers

Joy'n Mai (L1 Dancing)
Half medonian elf half kemite dancer. She's 5'3, has black shoulder length hair and her body was toned from the eras of dancing. Her most significant feature was her tattoos. On both side, from her waist to her knee, there were two very beautiful tattoos of ravens, skulls and roses.

Elix Merci (L1 Violin)
Human from Jaedeaxia. He's 5'8 with messy brown hair and had a boyish look on him that attracted many ladies.

Trainers in Medonia

♪ Alphonsus (L3 Song, L2 Bardism, L1 Instrument Making)
[In Medonia: Early Ulyris to Late Imperos, Early Junctior to Mid Immanis]

Current Students

Bolthur (Possibly Learning Songs)
[In Medonia: Mid Imperos Onwards]

Guests of the House

Alice 'Mort' Ward
[In Medonia: Mid Ioannes Onwards]

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A classic case of mistaken identity. A constable found Alphonsus to look similar to a famous private detective and even after clarification, had decided to use the elf to solve a case and to fight back the weak-hearted inspector. As it turned out, the case was more than meets the eye, and so was the inspector.

The case involved a criminal organisation known as the Cadre. After much legwork, an assassin arrow, Alphonsus was invited to join the Cadre as an 'associate'. He was to become the people's champion and join the law enforcers, while in the dark, he was to help the Cadre secretly.

The inspector it turned out, was just too lazy to write a reports. He had waved everything away and when he noticed Alphonsus had studies in the field of law, he decided to put the elf to good use and promote him to detective and his personal assistant.

In the end, Alphonsus became a Detective in a Constabulary of Medonia and a man of the Cadre.

Alphonsus's life as a law enforcer, his promotions, feats and achievements there.

On Ulyris Era XXIV: Alphonsus became a Detective in Medonia
On Ioannes Era XXIV: Alphonsus became a Rotager in Medonia

In secret, Alphonsus was still finding as much information as he could about the Cadre. He did not know if the people he was contacting was part of the original Cadre or simply a gang that called themselves the Cadre. He wanted to find out soon.

What he knew came from a notebook. It had 19 names that he was tasked to protect.

Notebook of Cadre Listing
Page 5: 11 Names
Page 11: 8 Names

Known Names ListedRevealed in IC or OOC

Name 1: Malcolm Gesling
Remark: Man of Cadre. Willingly became a scapegoat to bring Alphonsus' reputation up. Didn't seem to mind going to prison
Status: Imprisoned 20 Eras (Need Confirmation)

Name 2: David Walters
Remark: Recruited Alphonsus to be a detective. He seemed like a law abiding man with no link to the Cadre. Could be a red herring or the Cadre did not want him to be changed (as he is not a very smart constable. Hardworking for sure, but not smart)
Status: Free

Name 3: Tilly Young
Remark: Owner of a Tavern. Friends with Willis Halewood (son of a murder victim) and Madam Fracois (Music teacher). Little else is know about her
Status: Free

Name 4: Barry Stanton
Remark: One of Medonia gate captains. Nice guy, often bring snacks for us to thank us for keeping the streets criminal free.
Prefect Hugh Sammo had suspected him to be a Cadre man to facilitate smuggling and watching him
Status: Captured

Name 5: Daryll Fisher
Remark: Very likely a member of the Cadre.
Status: Free

Name 6: Rether Isther
Remark: Little is really known about this person
Status: Free

Name 7: Tigera Volnus
Remark: Tavern Owner, Man of Cadre
Status: Free

Name 8:

Other Known Cadre

Name: Madam Fracois
Remark: Acting as a music teacher, but high chance she is a high ranking officer.
Status: Free

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