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[Medonia] A Critical Imagination Always Working Overtime

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- "Free My Mind" Katie Herzig

The Same Timestamp As The Other Threads

Iseult had chosen a time of day when the inn was still quiet, that lull between the afternoon and evening meals. She could have easily opted for a busy evening where potential associates sat down and had a few drinks, shared some stories, got to know one another... She could have made it more formal and business oriented by having them all assemble in the small office at the warehouse. Iseult had instead chosen the middle ground. After all, she was still getting to know these people and tossing back drinks was not only something the glassblower didn't generally do but she didn't feel dinner and drinks sent the sort of message or groundwork she needed to establish.

At the half-breed's elbow, resting on the table, was a small wooden case intricately carved with a seascape. It was her only companion, her assistant Finn having opted to stay with the business while she did the wining and dining (or something). The kitchen had obliged her with a platter that could be shared among them--finger foods of a garlic-drizzled bread melted with butter, cheeses and crackers and some clams and mussels that had been cooked and seasoned. A small pitcher of red wine was at the table, along with a set of three filled glasses and accompanying small plates and utensils. It was a nice place with cloth napkins but it wasn't a nice plate with fancy chandeliers and promises of big money strolling in through the door. Essentially, Iseult thought of it as a perfect place to conduct business in a professional sort of manner.

Which Iseult liked.

Short letters had been sent to both Aeyr and Genie, to the respective places they were both staying, letting them know the time and location of the place...and should there be any problems to please let her know ahead of time at the warehouse so that she could anticipate their absence. Which wouldn't have boded well with the glassblower, who admired punctuality (even being EARLY) as well as showing a general interest in the prospective work. Anything else was suspect.

The glassblower leaned back in her chair, sipping at her glass of wine as she skirted a look towards the door. She'd come fairly early to ensure that the kitchen had the food set out that she wanted, as well as to make sure she'd arrived ahead of her guests. It was important that she set those sorts of examples, after all.
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Genie was there. She'd received the note and immediately set the time and place in her mind. Then she got back to work. Nothing too specific, just the timing device that she was currently trying to make it so she could go backwards. Somehow the thing started ticking too fast and Genie found that she was about three candlemarks early when she walked into the inn. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. A fast watch ensured one was never late. But seriously, she could have been working during that time.

As it was, she was sketching in her journal the idea for the misters. So at least she got a little bit of work done. The idea was forming pretty solid by now. She'd just have to procure the right parts and start with the assembling. Thankfully she wouldn't have to go digging through the dirt. Not that Genie minded such things when it came to digging for science... but it would be nice to stay at least a little bit clean for once.

She was sitting off in a corner, tinkering with the fast watch, when she noticed the woman come in. A soft smile formed on her lips as her attentions turned back to the thing. Plates of food were brought in and Genie's stomach rumbled. She couldn't remember the last time she ate. Oh! She was supposed to be over there too!

Fumbling her gadget into her pocket, Genie made her way over. "Au revoir, Miss Iseult. How are ya today?" she took a seat across from the woman and eyed the food. Genie didn't generally drink so that didn't entice her. Drinking numbed her mind and what was the point in that when there was always something better to be thinking about? Like food...
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